Thursday, April 4, 2013

Last Day

Monday. We figured out that we need to leave the house at 17:15 for the airport. Until then we will enjoy the day because weather-wise it is the best one yet. The plan is to pack a picnic, pick Sarah up at 10 am and go to Maymont. I love that place. Here is the blog from last year.
There are several parking lots and we are close to farm this time.

To us the potbelly pig didn't look quite right.

The goats were cute though.

Loved this statue!

When we walked along we had a problem here. William didn't want to go on, he wanted to climb the rocks.

And then he 'broke loose' and run up this hill. Can you see him way at the top (just left of the gazebo) with Aunt Sarah? Helen had to go up after a while and retrieve him. It was more scary going downhill for him.

How lucky can we be? A train! So fascinating. 

A bamboo patch. William and Sarah crawled all through it. My photo had turned to video somehow, so I just let it run. That is NOT our William screaming in the video. He thought it was interesting.

And this is were we had the picnic. All sitting on the little hill in a row.

William really liked this. See his little legs stretch!

It was time to go home ... but William didn't want to. Auntie has to go to work. And Mommy has to pack the suitcase.

So that Mommy can pack, William and I visit our wonderful friend Miss Julie around the corner. She has a suitcase full of interesting toys!

And here we are at the airport. William is looking forward to see his Pops again.

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  1. What a lovely Easter trip. I love when folks come for a real visit - a weekend is just not enough.