Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What a week

Writing it down for posterity. The little guy might need a little help remembering his visit to Grandpa and Omi in Virginia. We had a wonderful time!

I can't believe he doesn't need his highchair any more. Such a big boy. Grandpa found the bunny plate. Makes eating so much easier.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Wade came over one evening for dinner. Wade goes down to the floor to play with William.

William likes to go shopping.

Especially with Grandpa.

But the toy from the Dollar Tree shop was the biggest hit. That was a lot of fun for $1. Helen took a very nice video.  And another one.

He learned very quickly. He understood which way the pusher needed to be threaded onto the stick and even could put the rotators thingy on which is not easy because it is a slot and not just a hole.
Oh yes, I took a video too.  And another one.

We all enjoyed going for walks when there was a break in the very cold ugly weather. William was very interested in the power line tower. He walked almost all the way to Martin's grocery and back. And then he was ready for a nap, ha-ha.

And after a 2 hour nap he was always ready for more action. We had watercolors, other paint, play dough, a big box of art supply. He painted several eggs for Omi's Easter tree (see last year's blog)

See the artist at work.

Very nice but we can't hang them up because of the 'flying toy'.

Was it Friday or Saturday when we went to Deep Run Park? A bit chilly but the sun was lovely. When Sarah and I were there not too long ago we had seen some nice playgrounds there.

Oh yes, William approves. And Grandpa too.

I wanted to have Grandpa in the picture too but William was too fast. It had been such a lovely perspective.

Not easy to get all your limbs in.

This too is a sign of spring.

And afterwards we went to the new Vegetarian Restaurant. We didn't really know what to order but were unanimous that William ended up with the best dish. And he pretty much finished it.

Another sign of his growing up. We had to get a step stool.

And what would Good Friday be without hot cross buns? Helen and I went out for an errand while William took his nap. Yeah to gadgets because James texted not to forget to bring some home.

William thought Grandpa had had a good idea.

And Saturday evening we all were invited to dinner at Sarah and Wade's. I didn't take many pictures but this was such a nice scene.

Easter! The weather was not nice at all. But the service at St Martin's was lovely. I could not resist to take this video of William participating in the traditional bell-ringing.

Because of the weather the egg hunt took place in the parish hall. Oh, yes, another video.

James (as always) had it all figured out. The lamb roast was roasting while we were at church. The potatoes were peeled and par-boiled and were soon ready too. After William's nap ... the family's traditional 'rabbits in the grass' dessert, compliments of Helen.

And after that hanging around in the living room. Some watched basketball. 'Somebody' was not interested in that. He 'borrowed' Mommy's iPad. What a contented smile.

One more day and he/they are going home again.

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