Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 15 and 16 in Spain

Wednesday 5-29

Wind and rain. Weatherwise a miserable day. When we can see the other shore we can see how the surf is running against the rocks and spraying high. Sometimes the clouds are so low that we can't see the other side of the bay. Perfect to sleep in or read in my new lace book. It's written in four languages: Spanish, French, English and German. I have read all of the English and sometimes some of the German. I am very much enjoying it.

Finally we climb out of bed and get ready. Ah, this is vacation. We had breakfast late so we can have lunch late. We decide to go out for lunch. No cooking, no cleaning up. We would have loved to walk. But it is raining so I suggest to take the car down to the harbor where the parking is easy and I like the young people in that tapas place. They are so nice.

We go upstairs and ask for something hot to drink. Ha-ha, when you ask for chocolate caliente that's what you get. It was more like hot chocolate pudding but so very good.

Since we both had WiFi at the same time James and I were able to talk with Viber. They are doing fine but the weather forecast for tomorrow is not very nice. We arranged that we will meet them tomorrow morning. I am eager to see Muxia too.

Ute and I also shared a portion of 'calamares' which came with some fries but then felt like some veggies so then we ordered 'pimientos de padron (temp)'. We expected it to be like something I had ordered in Astorga but it was nothing like it. It was very good though. 

Well, finally I had my blogs done and we could go back to the apartment. Such a dreary day so Ute fixes us some red wine with hot water and some sugar. It warms us up but it is also perfect to have a siesta afterward. More reading in my new book and I decide I want to try out the stitches. Ute and I wind some bobbins. The new lace-pillow has a checkered fabric so I think that will do as guidelines. I am having fun.

Ute and I made ourselves a vegetable soup which I thought was very nice. The weather looked o.k. for a moment so I took a fast walk down the harbor and up. Most likely it will be bedtime soon. More reading.
Thursday 5-30

The things you do for the people you love. Ute and I had to get up very early to drive to Finisterra … again. Thanks to gadgets they make life easier. Texting, texting. The weather was still pretty miserable but good enough for James and Werner to actually walk up to the Faro Finesterra so I am driving up there to meet them.

First thing I see is what looks like hundreds of snails on the walkway.

The camino 0,00 K.M.

So totally different than when Ute an I saw it first time a few blogs ago. Kind of the end of the world mood.

After Finesterra (known locally in the Galician language as Fisterra) we drive to Muxia (spoken: Mooschia). It is a small town where tradition says the Virgin Mary appeared to Saint James after traveling in a stone ship.

Information about it here!

Werner needed to do some inquiring about buses etc.

We had to drive up the hill to the nearby church dedicated to "Nosa Senora da Barca".

The church was locked and not another person was around.

But we could peek through the opening in the door.


The church from the rocks.

Finally we were chased away when it started to rain harder.


Camarinas was a little out of the way but I needed to go to the lace shop again. These sisters are the owners and if I understood right (no English spoken) they make all the lace to sell.

Look at the lace on the left … mostly leaves. Incredible.

We were lucky to park almost in front of a supermarket so we took advantage of that. Unfortunately (ha-ha, NOT!) just inside the front door was the bakery (panaderia) and I developed a sweet tooth in a jiffy. Had to have this for teatime. Chocolate filling. Everybody picked something. No arm-twisting necessary.

We had decided that tapas for dinner would be just perfect. Dinner at 9pm just is not our thing. On the way we took care of recycling. Yes, Spain seems to be good at that too. Glass goes into the light green container … and what a loud noise it makes.


Some ordered Calamares, I wanted to find out what Chipirones are (baby squid). All was very delicious. This is where we need to take advantage of having seafood. Just a few more days.
Bedtime soon because Werner wants to catch a bus very early tomorrow morning. James calls it: peregrino time.

* * * * *
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