Monday, June 10, 2013

Summarizing Spain

We are back home!!!
The apartment which James had found for us close to the airport worked out very well. The drive to the airport ... you know you are always supposed to bring your rented car back filled up with gas or it costs you dearly. But why do they hide their gas stations in Madrid? Even with the GPS we had to drive around each roundabout several times. Ute, James and I each had flights out about the same time ... but from three of the four different terminals. But it all worked out nicely.
After ??? hours James via Newark and I via Chicago we landed RIC within 30 minutes of each other.
When you sit in the plane with nowhere to go and not much to do it is the perfect time to reflect. This was an awesome experience. Everything had fallen into place especially spiritually. Our reading of the bible in a year together, James preparing for the Camino and sharing that, his adventure (I am so proud of him), my adventure, seeing another part of our Creator's beautiful earth, the lovely nice and extremely helpful people in Spain, meeting Mariña and Carlos and my sister-time with Ute. Life is good!
And then you start settling in again. Inventory in the garden. We missed the blooming of the peonies. After cutting off the dead parts a little more beauty to admire.

I was surprised to learn that in my absence i I had won one of the church scholarship baskets: the wine one. Great!
Of course being able to talk with my girls again is priceless. That is always one of the drawbacks of traveling especially with time-differences and lacking Internet.
Here Sarah shows me her garden. The proud harvest of some sugar snap peas.
I had promised her to help with her yard sale on Saturday. Nothing I could do about the weather though. Nevertheless we called it a success. Some big pieces are gone making room for the nursery. And it was fun. Always something to laugh about.

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