Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 17 in Spain

Friday 5-31

The final decision was for Werner to catch the bus in Finesterra. We left shortly after 7 am and were there in time just before 8 am.

People were already waiting. Oh, the good-bye after walking together for more then 30 days.

James is happy. He had left his poncho the day before at the albergue but he had called them and could retrieve it now.

On the way back I wanted to stop at the castle in Vimianzo to buy some more dyed linen thread. Can't get that often. But we were too early. Nothing opens in Spain before 10 am. So we had a coffee con leche and then did some more walking around. We were able to have a closer look at a 'horreo' (granary) were farmers stored the grains so mice and other rodents cant get to them.


Such marvelous constructions.

And we found the church open and walked inside. Wow, it was quite special. It gave you a wonderful feeling.

Pretty crochet.

Lace on the side altar too.

Yes, bobbinlace.

And look what had shown up right outside. A donkey with three dogs.
James' picture is even better. You need to look at his blog. 


We were back in Corme before lunch. Ute had gone down to the market which was today and had bought cheese. James and I did some shopping later (everything is closed in Spain between 2 pm and about 5:30 pm. We cooked a nice hot vegetable soup for dinner. That and some wine warmed us up. 

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