Friday, October 18, 2013

Mother taught me

Sophie from Block Lotto ask us in Lotto Linky to share a favorite (or least favorite) sewing tool. Well, this is not exactly a "tool" but it is something I would never dream of sewing without. A little piece of leftover fabric!

My wonderful mother was a fur seamstress by trade. One of the best, no doubt about it. Of course she knew how to sew fabric too and she made many clothing items in her live. The most incredible dresses for my older sister and me, even bridal gowns for us and family or friends.

Her first and favorite sewing machine all her life was a Singer treadle machine, shiny black with gold lettering. It was her treasure but she never hesitated to let my sister and me use it to attempt making cloths for our dolls. There was always a small piece of fabric, folded double, under the sewing foot.
Well, you all know about chain sewing ... which makes a lot of sense. This is kind of like it. You never just pull whatever you have just sewed to have enough of the two threads so that you can cut them. I have seen that in many u-tube tutorials from quilt experts again and again. You drive onto this bit of fabric and snip. Voila!
Besides it being practical it can save a lot of thread over a lifetime.

You drive on ...

... and just snip. The sewing machine will be "parked" always with a piece like it under the foot.

And here is a video I just took visiting my daughter Helen in Nashville. She too does exactly like her Oma Ulla used to do. Good girl! Omi would be proud of her!

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  1. I too nearly always do this.. it just makes the start and stop so much easier.