Monday, October 7, 2013

What a day

Yes, October 6 my dear James had a birthday and turned 71.

Since it was Sunday it was church in the morning of course. But before we left the house a congratulatory Viber call from England. Ah, technology.

Cake assembly in the afternoon and some other preparations. I had told James that Sarah had been able to change her afternoon shift to a morning one. She and Wade would come for dinner and Wade would do the grilling of burgers. What I had not told him was that I had invited a few more friends. Not many. Since I could not do much cooking without giving the secret away. The grilling of burgers was still the plan ... with some of my mixed salad ... and potato salad ... and Lali was bringing a bean salad with crab meat ... and Julie was bringing a cheese spread with crackers.

The time was 6 o'clock. Ah, no gate attendant and I had given Barbara and Rob the wrong code. They teased me without mercy telling me about 8 cars honking behind them. Oh dear ...

James was very surprised. With every arrival we had to add a chair and then a table. All very informal.

Lee was a little late. He had a flat tire. What else can happen?

Oh yeah! When Wade wanted to start grilling the burgers ... the gas grill was a grill without gas. At least the meat was not on it yet. We decided on a vegetarian dinner. I love my family and friends. All so easy. It was a lovely evening. Don't know why everybody looks so serious in the pictures. We had a lot of fun. And can you imagine ... October ... and we can sit outside in the evening and be VERY comfortable.

The birthday cake was a huge success. Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte. James always liked it. In our almost 38 years of marriage I have made it a few times. The recipe copied from my most important German cookbook ... with handwritten notes about ingredients, measurements and temperature.

Yes, the most important ingredient! Ha-ha.


I promised to share the recipe in this blog. I have written it the way it makes sense to do. The easiest way possible. Years of experience, ha-ha. Enjoy! 
Here is the recipe!

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  1. Thank you for posting the recipe! I'd love to try that!