Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Demonstrating worthwhile

The COLONIAL LACEMAKERS (my lace friends) were invited to demonstrate making lace at the Virginia State Fair. So there we were from 10 am till 2 pm yesterday.

We even made it into the State Fair Daily Thrill Guide!

It started "slowly" but there was a steady stream and a lot of interest. Of course when we were very busy I couldn't take any photos.

This girl in the hot pink shirt was very excited about it. I think she would have loved to take a pillow home. Carolyn had brought a pillow with the beginner's pattern were people could try it.

It was very popular.
The lighting in the hall was not great but we had brought our own. Not just for our own sake but so visitors could see what we were doing.

We took turns eating lunch. Here is my polish sausage with a view.

Sometimes it was crowded ... up to when it was time to pack up.

The Arts and Crafts Hall had lots of interesting things to see but there was no time. I did take a quick look at the quilts though. Had too. This is the best of show! Really?

One day I want to be able to do my own quilting just like this!

Might have to use some butterflies in a quilt one day.

Wild looking. Very busy. All tiny I-spy houses.

This quilter must have had fun with this. Happy chickens.

James had come to look around a little and pick me up. We wandered around a little and saw the giraffe, the llamas and alpacas ( sooooo soft) and shared a funnel cake. I forgot to take more photos. Oh well ... It was fun.
And concerning the lace demonstrating: it was worthwhile. Several ladies were very excited and wanted contact info from us. I am fairly sure that we will hear from somebody. I showed mainly tatting and hope I helped several along who got stuck with it at home.


  1. Looks like a fun day, well done to all the lacemakers

  2. That day really was fun - we should do it more often!