Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Nashville time

Last Sunday ... yes, William was waiting for us to come back from Kentucky. We played hard. It's so funny when he says "Omi come floor" and even "please".
And the boy likes taco salad, even left over from Mommy's birthday. Yes, a video. William loves videos ... of himself ... of Caleb ... anything. Our favorite entertainment when we are in the car and don't want him to fall asleep. Omi with him on the backseat. Yeah for smartphones!

Grandpa's turn to play. Or Papa as William calls him.

Here are bits and pieces of the week.
One day I made "Kartoffelpuffer" (potato pancakes) for James, Helen, William and me for lunch. Helen is very conscientious about William eating vegetables too so I put some spinach into it. Really quite good in taste, but they look so ... St Patrick! William didn't mind. Homemade apple/carrot sauce on the side.

Salmon on a bed of sautéed spinach topped with (almost) undiluted cream soup ... baked.

And then Helen had found this recipe she "suggested" William and I make.

She was right. William had a lot of fun "helping". I didn't have mini muffins but regular were just fine. Just made 12 of them.

William approved. And he took the rest home to his Pops so proudly. Helen texted "William presented pops with a muffin and said see what Omi and I made!"

I think he is used to his Mom taking pictures because when he saw me he said "cheese".

Oh Friday. I had to be at Helen's very early to pick her and William up. William had an appointment at Vanderbilt (his birthplace). James wasn't feeling to good. He had started to battle some kind of a bug (like bronchitis) the day before. Afterwards we found this train set-up at Vanderbilt and William just loved it. Here is a video he likes to watch again and again.

On the way home we had to stop when we encountered another train on a one-way street. Here is another video William doesn't mind watching again and again.

And then William stayed with us for the night too. A sleepover. We decided to go to the Mexican place we like just a mile down the road. The little guy likes chips and salsa (which they bring when you wait for the food you ordered).

I don't know which day it was, but I nicked my finger in the kitchen one day. William saw the blood (not much) when I was contemplating whether I really needed a band-aid or not. William always asks "what happened". So cute.
Later, when he and I walk upstairs for something, he stops halfway and asks "are you better, Omi?" I still have trouble understanding him sometimes but I quickly got it. I answered "Yes, and thank you for asking". And he replies:  "No problem". Oh, I so love it!!!

Next morning. Saturday. William has outgrown the crib so we had to be a little inventive to make a bed for him. He slept the whole night though and we were awake before him. He does talk in his sleep though and Omi didn't sleep much worrying just in case he would wake up.

Then, when Mommy came and after we had lunch, we decided it would be lovely to have a hike, a walk, something. The weather was nice for a change. Helen's great idea was Cheekwood.
Haha, William likes buttons. Closing Papa's trunk is one of those things. Don't forget, do it yourself and disappoint him.

First stop was the trains. Oh, he could have stayed there forever.

The treehouse. Another favorite.

Helen didn't have a stroller in the car so we took the three wheeler from our place. In case his little legs gave trouble with so much walking. Great idea! Nobody was pushing. We just had to make sure somebody was holding on when we went downhill.

I know this might not impress you but the little balls where waving in the breeze so sweet.

In summer William likes to throw stones into lakes. Ha, different now. The stones and sticks just slid across the ice.
Grandpa kneeled down and broke off a piece of the ice. William was very impressed.

Quite thick!

James threw the piece and it just lay on top. But it looked lovely.

After making our rounds, guess where we ended up again? At the trains! At the gazebo William decided to give us a great big hug (almost squeezing my throat). But aren't these wonderful pictures Helen took?

On the way home William almost fell asleep in the car. We just had to stop at a DQ to stop that from happening. Most pictures from Helen too.

Sunday morning (today): the rain had started. Weather forecast is not so good. Monday Nashville is supposed to get freezing rain and we are worried about our trip back. So we make the difficult decision to leave Sunday after lunch.
We meet Helen and William at their church at 10:30 am. Then we all including Ben meet at the townhouse for Papa Murphy's pizza at our place. Lovely. And then we leave. I have the picture of them waving while standing in the door frame still in my eye. Should have taken a picture. But it was raining.
1:35 pm --- on the road.
First James was driving and it was raining.

He wasn't feeling so good so we switched driving ... and then I encountered FOG on the Plateau. Picture really doesn't do it justice.

Half way we had enough and found a hotel. We booked into the Holiday Inn Bristol, Virginia. James thought an appetizer would be nice so we went down the street to Ruby Tuesday. Actually it was close to closing but we got some nibbles and I got some red wine.

We seldom have dessert but James felt like it: triple choc!

Good night!

In the hotel ... we forgot to pack the toothpaste (since we usually do it in one day we have something like this in each place and don't worry to bring it forth and back. James says: "Use soap". No, I didn't say any dirty words. No way.