Saturday, February 15, 2014

Inclement weather

For many days there was a lot of talk about a storm to come ... snow, lots of it ... icy roads. Warning. Warning. The news were full of it! With Sarah gone back to work, a snowstorm would be a problem because part of Wade's work includes overseeing snow removal which usually takes all night.
It was supposed to start Wednesday. Sarah was scheduled to work 2am to 10pm and since she also had a work training that morning she dropped Caleb off at 7:15am.

Lots of baby stuff around the house.

He was totally content with us. A trick when it is time for his nap ... put him in the stroller and walk a figure eight around the dining room table and through the sunroom around the fireplace and back to the dining room. But don't walk too slowly. It doesn't matter if it goes bump a little.

He almost can hold his bottle, with a little help.

After the training Sarah had come back for lunch and put up his traveling bed. It needed to be blown up.

In the afternoon he enjoyed time on his "piano".

And then it came!!! Caleb was already happily sleeping because he is very good going to bed about 7:30pm and sleeps all night. But his mother was still working. Since she was working till 10pm and had to be there again the next morning at 8am we had hoped she would just stay there (in Mechanicsville) in a hotel but she is a very good and confident driver and wanted to come home. The drive took longer then usual and I felt like breathing again when she finally arrived.

Thursday! What a Daddy. The next morning he cleaned off the car for her and the pile of snow behind the car the snow plow had left.

If my stomach had not been in a knot I could have enjoyed the beauty of it.

This is actually how the three previous pictures looked like (blue) before I edited them with the filter. (a crepe myrtle branch)

Mid morning, when it started to thaw and even rain, I quickly had to make a snowman for William. He wanted one all winter but hardly a flake in Nashville.
The snow was awful and immediately turned into clumps of ice in your hands. This is the best I could do.

Caleb was not impressed. He couldn't have cared less.

But spending time with Grandpa is good.

He is talking.

And listening.

And sleeping again ...

... after he had reduced this supply by another one.

And here is a cute video.

Sarah said the roads were a little better when she came home after 4pm. She took this photo. And now she had Friday in front of her which is her day off.

Mommy's arm is the best.

Friday we lounged around and watched the Olympic Games. Well, we couldn't go out! Tummy time for Caleb. He was fascinated with the ice dancing.

Haha, you are lucky that there are only 6 photos of that series here. I think I took 19.
But there is also a video!

After lunch Sarah was ready to go home. The roads were much better. And her husband was on his way home too. After he had worked Wednesday night, had came late Thursday evening to sleep a few hours and head out again Friday morning at 3:30 he was ready to see his family and crash.
To take care of Caleb for three days had not been a problem at all. He is mostly very content and if he is not he lets you know but it's not a big deal because it is one of three things: hungry, sleepy or wet diaper. Since his arrival on Wednesday though every diaper was not only wet but also dirty. Poor guy must have gotten a bug but it didn't seem to bother him much (and neither Omi) ... until Friday around lunch time when his little bottom suddenly got very red and he screamed at changing times like never before. That got Mommy and Omi into a panic but after a relaxing bath and lots of healing cream everything is good in baby land again.

So, I really really hope this was the last of winter. It's nice to have Caleb time but I really would like to go on a walk with him. That would be great.


  1. Such cute videos! I love his little sounds!

    1. You have done it. The newest one! I can't believe it. You stuck to the end ha-ha.

    2. You've inspired me! I think I'm going to try to blog tomorrow. Maybe just my dinner tonight, just to get into the habit again. But I really do miss it!

    3. That's great, Kim. You have such good thoughts and wonderful way of using the language. I will be looking forward to it whenever you feel like it.