Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now I can ...

... blog about Katie's quilt.

As soon as I was told that Katie, Sarah's SIL / Wade's sister, got engaged I wanted to make her a quilt. Everybody can use one, right? The only question was, what pattern and colors might she like? Does she like traditional patterns or modern? Does she like soft, earthy or bold colors?

Helen shared the pattern with me. It is called "Boxy Stars" and she found it in a magazine (but here is also a link). Helen had used this pattern to make Ben's quilt and I loved it. And so does he because he loves bold colors. She also added a border to make it a little larger.


Helen said she wouldn't mind if I made it too.

Sarah helped pick fabric out with me. And then I was on the way...

My simple design wall.
I arranged.
And re-arranged.
And re-re-arranged.

I was a bit short of material for the back so I had to piece that too. I had all those tips left from making the front stars, so I used them on the back. Nothing gets thrown away. Ha-ha, I am always teasing Helen that she makes quilts with two fronts. Goodness me, I got carried away.

Our long arm quilter Linda in Nashville did a super job again. Now all that is left is the binding and the label. The finished quilt measures 72 x 59 1/2 inches.

Picture: trying to decide on the binding.

When Helen came for Christmas she did the binding. Yeah! She always does a perfect job, is fast and likes to do the hand-sewing part.
While James and I were in Nashville, Sarah went to a bridal shower for Katie in Pulaski. She took the quilt with her. Of course I was eager to know whether she likes it. Word has it that she does! I took this picture from Kathy's (her mother) Facebook page. And Sarah messages a video. Here it is!

Katie's wonderful thank-you card made it to our house almost before we were back from TN. Sarah had to bring the quilt back though. Still have to do the label.
Working on it! Too bad Helen is not close by. She is so good at this.


Sarah is going to take it to Charlotte in a few days. Katie and Tim, wishing you many, many happy cozy years under the quilt.

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