Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 43

Didn't quite know what to call this blog. I first had called it fever week. Why? Because that's what poor little Caleb had for several days. But one thing after the other.

Monday October 20

I thought that this might finally be the week were I can tackle a lot of my projects and may be finish something. Oh yeah?

I had a great excuse though. Right after lunch a long-time friend from Paducah Kentucky arrived and I had an excuse again. John is very involved about finding out about his own family history but loves all history. He has family in the area but had never been to the river James and the canal downtown. We of course love history too and James knows a lot about it. The weather was very nice and it was great fun.

John and I of course are always talking Chrismons. I have designed most of the Grace Church Chrismons for the children over the past 20 years but had just bought a Alpha&Omega kit. I managed to make it this morning but the design used a lot of beads. And even though I had scaled down the beads from 4 mm to 3 mm, it still was too large and not suitable for the children's gifts.
Luckily a lightbulb came on and this is a first try of my design. I know already the changes I want to make but overall I am pretty pleased with my new "baby".


John stayed the night in our guest room. He had to promise me to walk around upstairs only with his eyes closed. My "queendom" is totally out of hand. But I think they say that an unruly room is a sign of a creative person. There you go!
Sarah has to work this afternoon. Because Caleb has a fever she can not take him to the daycare. So they came and we all had lunch together. Something simple.

John left after lunch and so did Sarah. Papa took Caleb for a walk but it didn't last long. Caleb obviously didn't feel well. He started having a fever again.

We tried our very best to make him comfortable, distract him and play with him. It wasn't easy.

When Wade picked him up I mentioned that he was poking on his ear. Later we received a text that Wade had taken him to the doctor and the little guy had an ear infection. At least we know that with the medicine he will perk up really fast.


Fever has to be gone for 24 hours so no daycare today again. Sarah had to work in the morning so Wade brought him a little later in the morning because he had fallen asleep again before he could bring him. He felt better though which was great.
We played peek-a-boo around the fireplace. Here is a VIDEO!
Omi fixes lunch so Caleb helps Papa look through a magazine.

And he played very nicely. But the empty tissue box seemed to be the best toy. I tried to take a video but was a little be too late for the best moment. Seems to be the story most of the time. But HERE IT IS!
Funny the associations we have with things. If I see an empty tissue box I think of William. For him they are tunnels when playing with the trains. Looking forward to playing trains with William next month!!!


Caleb is better. Yeah! Back to daycare.
For me this is stitchers-day, sewing for charity. I was a bit in a panic because lunch is a potluck and I just couldn't decide what to take. Haven't made it to the grocery store in a while. Dear James would just do the most necessary shopping for us. I had country style Hash Browns in the freezer and googled. Lots of recipes but nothing quite what I liked so I took ideas of 15 recipes and ended up with something that might very well be a keeper. I will do it again and share the final version. James approved of the leftovers for supper.


This is normally Sarah's day off (so never daycare) but not today. Her boss had asked her to go to a special health conference. She had ask me quite a while ago so we had a little visitor again.
Obviously he feels better!

In the afternoon he just didn't want to take a nap. No way. But I did find some toys he liked.

Still no nap. His Mommy had felt bad in the morning because Caleb had shared his cold. She finally came back and could do with a nap herself. At least she doesn't have to work this weekend.
Caleb is so tired but just can't settle down. I can't stand it when my babies cry. Papa volunteers for a walk again and doesn't have to go far. Caleb takes the nap in the stroller And is pushed into the bedroom.
Then they go home happy. Happy weekend to all!

* * *
Well, I thought I was done here but ... have to share something else (got permission). Fotos taken from FaceBook.
Helen went with her family to her first ever "trunk or treat" at her church. William loves science about space and stars etc. no wonder this was his choice for a costume.
His mother was very inventive and used props from his birthday party (here). You can see the table cloth became a backdrop and the party gifts globe became a trick or treat bucket etc. They won a red ribbon "best trunk" for her "Space Trunk".

They also went to a pumpkin patch which was great fun for the children. William and Sedona are best friends from church. So cute.

The next picture was shared by my sister Ute via her iPad (which she bought on her last day when she visited in May).
Halloween is creeping into Germany too. She had fun baking and decorating pumpkin cookies with her two grandsons Gero and Adrian and her daughter Maren (their auntie). Lots of creativity going on.

Isn't the Internet great?


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  1. You are right! I sometimes complain about the internet being a 'time suck', but it is a blessing for keeping in touch with far away loved ones! Love seeing Caleb and William.