Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Somehow Easter was not the same as usual. James and I "missed" Lent because we were traveling. Lent, the time for preparation. Of course our trip was also a type of enlightenment. And then Sarah's move! Closing on the old house was Maundy Thursday. A topsy-turfy time. No pictures really but here is a VIDEO when I was keeping Caleb ... playing with my hat after a walk.
One thing which helped to get into the Easter spirit: Hot Cross Buns! A tradition from James' childhood. You eat them on Good Friday and NO OTHER time. Not so in the US. Last year he tried to buy some without much luck. He was told they had no more on Friday since they had had them all through lent. Really? So this year he started looking on Thursday ... with luck. And they were not bad at all.

The six-pack lasted us three days. We treated ourselves to a more elaborate breakfast then usual on Saturday morning.

Can't do without my Easter branches. They will be up and enjoyed till Pentecost (put up Saturday night).

The new addition safe (hopefully) at the very bottom. James had bought it for me in Dubrovnik last year. He was so proud of himself that he managed to keep it whole in the suitcase.

It's the only picture suitable I could find on FaceBook. James was serving.

Sarah had to work this weekend but Wade came to the service at our church. Caleb was very good. After the children's sermon I took him to the nursery. He went straight to the toys.

After the service.

Caleb didn't think much of the Easter egg hunt. I was on duty as teller but James reported that he threw down anything with candy but was happy when he found an egg with goldfish.


A friend In the congregation sent this photo to me: Caleb was more interested in sticks then Easter eggs.



It had been more or less a last minute idea ... to have the Easter meal together ... very informal. Sarah, Wade and Caleb came over about 4 after her work and Caleb's nap. At least the sun was shining today and Mommy had brought some toys for Caleb. Here are two videos showing how "graffiti" got on our sidewalk, ha-ha.

And here a VIDEO with bubbles.

The table has been laid thanks to James who also did the lamb roast and roast potatoes. We had mint sauce and gravy and a good medley of veggies.

No "rabbits in the grass" this year. I had prepared "orange fluff" but our friends Lali and Albert brought a "Mona cake". It is a Catalan tradition. Of course I had to google:

Caleb didn't feel like eating anything but he liked the Sister-Schubert roll. In case you wonder why there is no plate ... he likes to throw those down.

Sarah has to get up at 4:30 am when she works and tomorrow is another working day too. It also was getting close to Caleb's bedtime so they didn't stay too long (understandably). We sent them home with some of the Mona cake.
We settled in the sunroom. Albert told us that the Cava (which they had also brought) goes with the cake. Now that is a celebration.

And yes, my hibiscus gives me a flower almost every day.

I did miss my William though (and his parents). We didn't make an egg for this year.

This is one he decorated 2013, hanging over the dinner table.

But then ... we get mailed pictures and a VIDEO William and Pops on the Stones River!

Life is good.


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  1. I love it that there is still so much baby to enjoy in Caleb. That doesn’t last for long, does it? I had fun watching him on Easter. He found what he liked and pretty much ignored the rest. Seems like a good philosophy for life to me.

    Mike’s mom makes lovely hot cross buns every year and gives them to family and friends. When she heard that Ted (my stepdad) loved them, she made him a huge batch for his first Christmas that he and Momma moved to Richmond. We usually forget to eat them on Good Friday and have to make do with Saturday and Sunday. She makes tons, so if James gets a craving we usually have some in our freezer through June at least! That cake your friends brought looks amazing!