Friday, April 17, 2015

This and that

Lots of things are always happening. What to report on? I don't want to bore you ... but then, I write the blogs for myself. So, here is another reminder why I love my church so much. Last Sunday I saw in the parish hall what the Sunday school teachers of St Martin's had done with their students the previous Sunday (Easter). The open tomb.



Look at my Christmas amaryllis. Sarah gave it to me as a present. It didn't do anything for months. And then suddenly ...

This was April 1



April 7




April 12




Another subject: our lodger Edy. Better known as Needy Edy. I can't sit down without her immidiately sitting on top of me. Then I feel sorry for her and can't get up. I don't get much done!



Often she checks on us in the night. She "claimes" her place between us.




Saturday 4/11

James had such a good coupon for REI that we had decided on Friday that I should have proper hiking shoes. I also needed to exchange my recently bought Ecco sandals since there was something wrong with the right one. The weather was so great on Saturday that we decided I needed to break in the new hiking shoes.



Love the trails along the James River. Many others do too today. Look, these people must be Brits. The water must be quite cold ... and the babes are playing in it.






I loved it! 6 miles which means yeah, I could do a 10K.

Mine and James' gadgets differ slightly though, ha-ha.




Things like the lace meeting and the quilters meetings I will report on my other blog Love of Thread. It might take a few days but you can click the tab at the top.



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  1. Love Needy Edy! I miss having kitties to cuddle and I would get nothing done at all if she were here!