Friday, October 16, 2015

Back home - catching up

Yes, back home. Friday (Oct 2) first day home. Getting settled again. Where to start?

It's Sarah's day of work so she comes by early with Caleb. He was in his high chair having a little snack when I found the t-shirt we had brought for him from our trip. He immediately wanted to be out of his chair and change. I was amazed.



He needed a little help though.




Then he went to Papa to show and say "Thank you".





Sarah left before lunch though because Caleb likes his noon-nap in his own bed.

Besides unpacking and washing there were other things to do but ... when we had arrived we had found that there was no TV, no housephone and no internet. The week before the gardeners had airated the lawn and cut the cable in the process. This was major. Something I had to do was the October issue of our church monthly newsletter (already late). But no internet. So we spend Saturday morning at the public library with our laptops. In the afternoon I invited mysel to our friend Julie to take adventage of her WiFi. I did make progress.


Sunday 4th

Having been gone for so long it was nice to see our friends at church again.

More washing and working on The Cloak again. And then Sarah and Wade wanted us to come to their house for dinner. Ok, twist my arm!

Caleb was happy. Two more people to play with.





Monday Oct 5

Sarah has actually vacation. Starting last Friday she is off 9 days in a row. So Caleb has this week off daycare too. So when she calls Monday pm and asks what I was doing and I tell her that The Cloak is done and I need to go to Willow Lawn to buy something but I don't feel like it, she happily says she (and Caleb) can come and take me. I was not successful which is not good.

But we went into the shop next door and Caleb saw a book he liked. This is what happened when Sarah told him that he should leave it:




We were able to distract him a little later and he forgot about it. I love those pictures though.

Tomorrow is a very important day! Better get ready for it.


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