Friday, October 23, 2015

Nashville time

There were about 2 weeks between coming back from Europe and driving to Nashville but they were packed full with things to do and events of which one was St Martin's yard sale. Set-up on Friday. Looks like we are almost done ... or at least these helpers are ... until the next day! It actually was quite fun though. Or as my friends in St Louis used to say "different".



Sunday afternoon the 11th we spent a couple of hours in the sun at the gazebo in our community. A German band gave a free (Oktoberfest) concert. They were really very good. Sung in German the pronunciation was impressive. And if course it us fun to chat with your neighbors.



For fun I finished making this quilt top ... trying out a new technique. I really like the results.



James and I were both busy Thursday (15th) morning but after lunch we packed and went on our way. On the way to Nashville to see William, Helen and Ben. We went the 3 1/2 hours to Pulaski and spent the night with Kathy and Mike, Wade's parents. We had a very nice dinner and opportunity to chat a little. I had taken this photo to send to Helen who had texted the question "where are you?" She likes to know our progress when we are on the way.



Spending the night on the way made it actually possible to be at the school at William's lunchtime. He knew that we were arriving that Friday but not at what time (after all you can never predict the traffic). You should have seen his eyes sparkle when his class approached the cafeteria and he detected us. He was so excited and it was fun.



James and I went to the townhouse but stopped on the way to buy food. Helen brought William after school and he arrived with his little suitcase so very ready to spend two nights with us (when there is no school the next day).

We played a lot. Found some old toys like this giraffe (VIDEO).



When Ben arrived too we all had the taco salad dinner I had prepared. William always eats a good portion of that.

William helped me to drag one of the guest room mattresses into our bedroom and make "his" bed in the corner. He always loves spending the night and we have our routine. He was asleep in no time and had a good night.


I love it when he wakes, sits up and gives us that beautiful happy smile. He crawls into our bed for just a little while. Breakfast is always cooked oats with Omi's homemade applesauce. We finally got tired of lugging the VitaMix forth and back between Richmond and Nashville and bought a Ninja to stay in Nashville. It does the trick but it is so much more labor intensive and awkward. Now I really love my VitaMix.

Papa went with Willam to the science Center and met Helen there. They often have special programs for young children and she knew this day it was about bats. And it was a special day anyway because it was the Center's 70th birthday.






In the afternoon Papa got antsy because it was a gorgeous day so he went with William for a little hike and stone throwing to the lake.




After another happy sleepover-night we had to hussle a bit in the morning. Their church's service starts at 9am. Sunday school is afterwards. William told us that he wanted to go to it so we went to an adult class. In the lobby I saw this clever announcement for "trunk or treat". I love play with words.




Another gorgeous weather day. Helen knew where there was a "Molasses and Music" fest. So we went.

William climbed into this picture quickly.



When I said "wrong hole, you have a dress on" he quickly changed. And then he wanted to see the photo.



There were lots of different animals and William liked them all.





There was a long barn where all the police horses are being kept. William wanted to be picked up for each one. All the first stalls had a sign with the horse's name on it. This one didn't. A teenager walked by with his parents and announced that that one's name must be "Blank".



The lifting was too much so Papa decided on the shoulder was better.



There were plenty of crafts around. We met quilter's who meet at Helen's church but at the wrong time for her. I liked this sample on display though.



Another building was the agricultural museum. William likes museums and insisted on going in. It really was a very nice and interesting museum. Upstairs was a picnic laid out on a quilt with real china. William likes picnics.





There were some homemade games (pre-electronic entertainment). William tried the corn hole game. Getting better. Or ... not worse then Omi.



We had seen and walked around a lot. Helen and I bought local (unprocessed) honey. We learned that it never goes bad and to leave it in a warm place. The lady even suggested the window sill. Of course you can't leave without having had a treat. The four of us shared a funnel cake which was very nice.




William liked to dip his finger into the (plentiful) powered sugar on the plate.



Then James and I took William back to our place again for a little while. I had to make sure that he didn't fall asleep in the car. I had to call "open your eyes" and he tried to open them really wide.



Helen and Ben had invited us to their place for dinner. Dessert was a chocolate birthday cake for James. A very chocolately chocolate cake. Oh my, very rich!




It was a very nice evening but a school day the next so we didn't stay too long. William was upset that he couldn't sleep over again but it works better when we leave his house than if he has to leave ours. We promised that we would pick him up from school the next day!



Kept our promise. Their house is half-a-mile from the school so there is no school bus for him. Helen (or Ben) walks him to school (1 mile round trip) and picks him up walking too. Car pick up only as an exception. Cars on that street seem to exceed the speed limit a lot and the sidewalk is none-existant or in bad shape and Helen tries very hard to get that changed. When we arrived the crossing guard guessed whether we were William's grandparents.

Helen took this picture from the front of their house.



(I cropped part of it to make it bigger)



We had a bit of a meltdown because we had to leave him with Helen who had to take him somewhere for an appointment. The only consolation to him was that they were all coming to dinner to us later. But then he couldn't spend the night again because it was a school night. Promise that we would pick him up from school again the next day.



Yes, picked William up from school and took him to our place to play. Invited to dinner at their house later. And then we had to say good-bye. At least we knew already when we were coming again and could tell him that. We could tell him that there were two weekends when he could sleepover which helped. Something to look forward too. It is nice to be so loved but crocodile tears are difficult to take.



When I wasn't driving I could knit on William's socks. I managed to get the two heels done. I forgot to measure how high the cuff has to be. May be William can text that to Omi?



Ha, the alarm clock had woken us at 5:30 am and we had no bad traffic. We made it on time for the Wednesday night bible study!

Even if it was a short visit, it was a very good one. It is different now since William is in Kindergarden. Nothing ever stays the same.


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  1. I can just imagine what a wonderful surprise that was for William. Unexpected seeing someone you love is the best feeling!