Sunday, October 18, 2015

October 6 - an important day in our year

Yup, it's my sweet husband James' birthday!!! And let's not forget ... 40 years ago I arrived in America on a one-way ticket to meet my James again!

Sarah (by chance on vacation) wanted to take Caleb to the zoo. She asked whether we wanted to go. Since it was on our way we picked them up from their house and were at the zoo shortly after it opened.



Caleb was very interested.



I had just read about a Cheetah baby and yellow lab mix puppy which are brought up together and can be seen between 12 and 1. We were lucky because a TV reporter just happened to be there and it was fun watching what was going on.



Kumbali and Kago



Somehow the Cheetah was intrigued with the reporter's boots which added to our entertainment. Caleb was even in the picture in the evening news.




There was a lot to see and Caleb was very interested.






I have never been in a zoo though when the animals where so noisy. VIDEO!




We had to be back in time for Caleb to take a good nap so he will have fun celebrating Papa's birthday later. And I had some preparations to do.

Julie, Janet and Larry, Kim and Mike, and of course Sarah, Wade and Caleb joined us at 5:30 pm.




I had a buffet for whenever people wanted to nibble but we ended up all sitting around the dining room table.




Sarah had made a birthday cookie for her Dad which we very much enjoyed.





Julie had brought a "birthday cake" too. A tradition in her family.



A very nice day! So much to be grateful for!



  1. We miss you very much when you are gone, but I know you both love to spend time with your Nashville folks!

    It was a lovely surprise to see Caleb (and Sarah and Wade, of course) at church on Sunday! I think he MIGHT have remembered me from James’ birthday party. We were so honored to be invited to celebrate with you all and loved meeting Janet and Larry. Not to mention sharing my frosting with Caleb!