Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Grand-baby shower and Turning 2

Saturday November 21 certainly was a busy day. My friend Julie and I hosted a luncheon for a mutual friend who is going to be a grandma. We all are so happy for her.
Lunch is being served and Julie is calling to the table.

I admire Julie and her way of doing things the perfect Southern Lady style. We all had a great time.

Baby-girl will be so loved by Barbara and Rob and many friends!

I did have to rush home though. James and I had to be on our way across the river. Time to celebrate Caleb's 2nd birthday.

Sarah had put a lot of thought into this. Both of my girls are masters in their children's birthday parties and I keep marveling at them.
The book "The little blue truck" was the inspiration for this. It's one of his favorite. Sarah found a used black truck for $20 on eBay and painted it. Took it totally apart and did a great job. It was a huge success.

Friday we had made signs for "Reserved Parking" and the "Petting Zoo" (because of the animals in the book). The animals balloons could be taken for a walk on the leashes. Including Caleb there were 4 toddlers.

You can see that the pot of chilly and the potato bar had been well-liked.

But Caleb kept asking for a cupcake and now the time had come.

Oh yes: VIDEO 1
and VIDEO 2

Time to open presents. This one is from Auntie Helen and family. Since they could not be there I took videos for them.

Helen had hit the jackpot. After all the gift-opening he wanted to look at this book again.

And then he took it to his Mommy for some more.

We always enjoy meeting Wade's family too and this time even Nana, his grandmother, had come (Caleb's great-grandmother). But we had to leave because there was still one more event for us that day. James and I have season tickets to the Richmond Forum. These are very hard to get these days and there are only 5 lectures in each season. As always it was great and well-worth. Back home after that late in the evening we had to sit in our living room for a while with a scotch to "digest" the day.

We are so blessed. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. I was so thrilled to be invited to the shower! What a lovely party the two of you gave! Thank you for sharing your incredibly busy day with us all!

    Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!