Monday, November 23, 2015

OMG - define 'busy'

I was reminded by several of my 'blog followers' that my last posting was from October 23. Really? How time flies!

I will spare you and not list everything - just trust me. I should take retirement more seriously. My problem is though that I like too many things, have too many interests! Oh well, as long as I enjoy it.

Of course the first chance we get back from Nashville is to see Caleb (and his parents, ha-ha). Wade's parents were visiting and we were invited to dinner. The day before (Oct 23 Friday, her day off) Sarah invited me to help her paint.







October 25 - the last Sunday afternoon workshop at the church to work on items for the bazaar. Good thing, I am running out of ideas.



Oct 27 - evening meeting of the church ladies. I had volunteered to demonstrate how to make pizza in a pan on the stove. We made three different pizzas and the ladies loved it. Somebody else had brought salad and we had a very nice dinner together.



At the workshops the ladies do all sorts of things for me including cutting out 'turkey parts' so all I had to do at home glue them together. One used with a pineapple makes an adorable centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.



This should make anybody feel better!



All work and no play is not good. James took me for lunch and we had 'bibimbap' (Korean food). Of course we had to reminisce about our travels. Love it!





Not much time to 'play' these days but I really try not to miss my Thursdays charity sewing. My latest project (no pattern) is slowly progressing and I have fun with it. I really need to write a 'lace and quilt blog' (see above tab) when I find my round-to it-button. I am very happy to say that I finished three lace Chrismons for my Adventcalendar.



Halloween! My nice daughters shared photos with me.

Sarah texted that Caleb insisted on wearing his costume to daycare in the morning.




James went over in the evening to go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood with them. They had a good time. It's a nice area they have moved into. Caleb shared his red wagon with a neighbor girl.



On Sunday Sarah had to work but Wade and Caleb showed up in our pew. Nice surprise. Caleb liked coffee hour afterwards. I have many favorite pictures. This is one of them.



So we went to lunch afterwards.






This is my favorite astronaut. Helen shared this picture of William. He knows what he wants. His interest in space is just amazing. I don't think the costume will fit a third year.



Helen also shared this with me (which first I didn't understand): William said that Omi and Papa had picked him up from school. It's 'our' red Volvo X60 which is lined up in front of the school.




November definitely brings autumn with it. The neighborhood looks lovely with lots of red and yellow leaves. Very early in the morning we even had fog.



The transplanted camellia really likes her new place. I forgot to take a photo though when it was covered in beautiful flowers. This shows you the importance of the placement of a plant/bush/tree in your garden.



Caleb likes to walk in the leaves but he wants to go a different way, Papa.



A busy week. Thursday Nov 12 CR Bazaar 1 to 6:30 - I had promised to help. Sat Nov 14 the St Martin Holiday Market. Our small church did very well this year and we were all happy. Besides, the fellowship is a lot of fun.



The above photo is cropped to show you our turkeys.



I was incredibly pleased with the proceeds from our raffle. So many really wanted to win it. I was thrilled to tell Jane (Skype to England) since she stitched all the Chrismons. The drawing was Sunday after church service. On Monday I delivered it to the lucky winner Connie, the hairdresser of many of our members. She was very happy.



Almost forgot .... I won too. Last day of October I was drawn as the third Block Lotto (see the link on right side) winner of beautiful October blocks. 40 quilt blocks coming my way from all over the USA and 2 from a quilter in Australia. Yeah!!!


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  1. What a lovely room in Sarah’s house. We have similar paneling in our family room and I’ve always wanted it painted a nice, clean white like that.

    I don’t believe that you’ll EVER run out of creative ideas!

    Was the bibimbap place the one at the Gold’s Gym plaza?

    The boys are adorable in their Halloween costumes! So much fun!