Friday, November 27, 2015

Give-thanks Day

Helen told us ... Willam's first words on Sunday when he woke up were "Omi and Papa are coming tomorrow".

Monday ...

... was driving day. Luckily the traffic was light and the sun was shining. After arrival William needed to see us so we all went to a Mexican restaurant close to their house. They had planned ro put a pizza into the oven or something like that but ... their oven had broken and the new one just had been delivered that afternoon and the smell needed to burn off first.

The boy had been so excited when he saw us. But next day was a school day so no sleepover. Even worse: we were missing a part to secure his car seat in the car. We had searched everything in and out if the car. Because we had to fold the backseats down to pack the car, a belt must have been left behind. The problem has been solved though. I called friends in our neighborhood. Larry had found it in our garage (thanks to the code pad he could get in) and Janet had brought it to UPS. It should arrive Friday.

Tuesday ...

... William had been very concerned about the promised sleepover. How would he get to our place since Papa can't get him. His Mommy told him she would bring him and all was well.

No food in the house though. While William was in school James and I went shopping, I made Sarah's receipe "stuffed peppers" for dinner. Later in the afternoon Helen and William arrived. Everybody happy.

We had to make William's bed though. It had been a special offer at our new Aldi in Richmond. We could have set it up earlier but we thought he might have fun being part of it.




Look at this VIDEO!


He demonstrated trying it out! Pretty cool. But it wasn't quite time yet.



No more HotWheel crazy. The new love: Junior Lego. Omi and Papa brought one.




Wednesday ...

... I sneaked a picture before he woke up. So sweet.



Waiting for breakfast. He wanted Omi's oats and Omi's homemade applesauce. He ate it all to the last spoon not knowing that the applesauce also had carrots and spinach in it.



We played and did all sorts of fun. When Helen came the three of us went shopping for clothes for William. He has grown so much and buying clothes without him is iffy. He was so cooperative and tried on everything we asked him to. And we were very successful! Yeah!

I felt he really needed to be rewarded for his patience so we went next door to Target to buy a toy.

He was happy because he could stay for another sleepover.


Thursday ...

... HAPPY THANKSGIVING to All. And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to James and me. 40 wonderful years ... and still flowers!



Ben and Helen are doing all the cooking so we can take it easy. We watch the Thanksgiving Parade in our PJs. Comfy and cozy.



We only had to take care of dessert. Obviously Thanksgiving is an American thing. Pumpkin pies and Pecan pies are not a German thing. Actually no pie is. James had bought a pumpkin and a pecan ones. I decided though to attemp an apple pie. Sarah's receipe from her wedding favor cookbook. I think it look pretty good.



I think baked it looks really good. Good enough to eat, ha-ha.



While I did the above James and William went for a walk.





William insisted to wear his new socks which I had just finished knitting yesterday. He really loves them.



Turkey time!

Helen and Ben arrived with all their food. Mops and GeeGee (Ben's mother and grandmother) had arrived too. William was so happy. He loves having all his people together.



Ben cooked the turkey to perfection and the carving was no problem either.



We had such a great time that I didn't take many pictures. Sorry I caught William's great-grandmother when she blinked but I think no matter what she is a gorgeous lady. I hope I will be half like that when I am her age.


Besides the turkey and the delicious gravy there was the dressing, green beans, Irish mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce in the offering. All homemade ... from scratch. A Wahl thanksgiving.



Ha-ha, at this point Helen jumped up. She almost forgot the cranberry sauce. Something her mother frequently does. Soon there was not much left.



Mops and GeeGee need to leave since they want to be home before dark. It was great to see them.

Suzanne, longtime friend of Helen, had come by for dessert and was asked to take the group photo. Good job, Suzanne!




Ben wanted to take a picture of William with Mops and GeeGee (see above) but William's photo face is not always natural so Helen helped by making fun.



It helped. This is a lovely, lovely photo of William with his grandmother and great-grandmother.



And so the festive day came to an end. Ben, Helen and William went home too. No sleepover today because Omi has to work on the computer. Deadlines! But tomorrow we hope to go for a walk. Walk off some of today's food.

Sarah was in touch too. We saw a happy photo of the Waller gathering.

It was a very nice day.


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  1. What a lovely holiday! I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time and were able to be together!