Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hols Day 1 - Boston

Hols! That's what James' family lovingly calls vacation.

The plan was to leave the house at 11:30 am. Plenty of time to pack and even get in a walk in the community. We figured we would spend a good amount of time sitting in the airport and plane. We took lunch with us. We had checked in and were through security in good time and found space close to our gate. Time for a selfie ... which I am not good at.



So James tried his luck.



First time for me to fly with JetBlue. Absolutely nothing to complain about. Landing in Boston soon.




We took a taxi to our hotel which is in a wonderful location. Check in, settle, get ready to explore.

We got a little info at the front desk and headed out. We were told to turn left. First view!



We were heading towards Faneuil Market but stumbled to the Old State House.




We entered and it looked very interesting.




It was close to closing time but we got more information ... the direction to Faneuil Market.



There was an information desk and we got excellent advice what to do tomorrow. We are very excited. Hope that the weather will cooperate.



Then we just wandered around. This town has so much character. Love it. If it only wasn't so cold right now.




We popped into an Irish pub ... just to warm up ... with a beer maybe.

Neat place. The place mats are interesting reading.





Love this story!



James is very happy with his Guinness and I had a Harp. The waitress was from Dublin and insisted on taking this photo.



We decided to share an appetizer.



We were so comfortable that we ordered dinner. Seafood for me (including no work lobster). Perfect down to the fresh veggies and real mashed potatoes.



You can see that James didn't like his stew at all.



We tried not to think about the calories but my FitBit tells me that I did 15465 steps today and that should counteract a little.



Hotel in sight. Great day. Thank you, Lord!



  1. You were smart to bring lunch. Both times that we’ve flown out of Richmond for big trips, we’ve eaten at Applebee’s. The airport one is even worse than the regular restaurants! Captive audience, I guess!

    I’ve never been to Boston and can see I need to correct that!