Monday, February 15, 2016

This and that

We were very busy but somehow there is not much to report.

The weather is ... well, it is winter and we do have days when it is not nice to be outside. More reason to really enjoy my amaryllis. The hibiscus is also cheering us up with occasional flowers. They are big red or peach.



Once in a while we see Caleb. This was January 29, a Friday which is Sarah's day off. She had been on a business trip the day before and happened to drive past an IKEA (except she didn't drive past but stopped and bought Caleb "his house").



He wanted me to get in too so here I am taking a picture from the inside out. See my legs? We are reading a book.



Those are Sarah's legs. Caleb wanted her to get in for lunch. Didn't quite work.



There are a lot of opportunities in our community. For Monday February 1 we were offered a free visit to the Richmond Science Museum. At 10 am we were shown the Humpback Whales movie in the IMAX theater. Impressive. The museum is usually closed on Mondays but we could take a look at the Blackhawk plane which was in the process of being assembled for a brand new exhibit coming in April.



I had been called for Jury Duty for the next day but luckily that was called off. So instead I could go to a quilt group meeting with friends. You know that I normally write about lace and quilts on my other blog (see tab above) but I liked the Chinese New Year theme. We were asked to find and sit by our sign.



I am a rat.



Look for your birth year. It was fun.



Whenever possible we try to get a walk in ... at least one in the neighborhood ... weather permitting. If it is not at least the 3 miles, it's still better than nothing.



On one I saw these. Crocus.



Caleb had outgrown his sleeping bags but he really needed one. A few times he had undressed himself in his crib. Diapers and all. Wade found him totally naked. IKEA has those sleeping sacks but they didn't have the right size. I had received a big bag of free fleece so I tried my luck sewing one. I put Helen and Sarah into the sleeping bags with the zipper in the back so that's what I tried to make.

"WeeHoo" fabric on the outside. He liked that.



I found ribbing in my stash for the arm holes. May be that will deter him from pulling his arms in and then taking his diaper off. He is quite inventive.

Big relief that it works and fits. It took a while to make because I had no pattern. Re-inventing the wheel kind of thing.


Yeah, Sunday the 7th. Super Bowl. James and I couldn't care less about the game. But there was a party at the church so we went because it's a nice opportunity to chat with friends.




Rosenmontag in Germany. Monthly lace meeting in Williamsburg. Got to mention it here because Natalie had just come back from New Orleans and brought a couple of Mardi Gras King cakes back for our dessert. It was fun.



I had made big progress at the meeting with another Chrismon and finished it the next day. Yeah!



Does this explain our winter this year? We had to try out our new waterproof jackets. As soon as we were out of our front door hail started to come down.



And then of course we had Ash Wednesday and now it's Lent.


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