Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 9 - leaving the Azores - the End


We had all morning to have a leisurely breakfast and pack. I can't remember whether it was 15 minutes before or after noon we were supposed to be in the lobby ready to go. Two buses took us to the airport. Check-in, security, all that. We found a snack in a restaurant. Still too much time. A gift shop. There was a selection of unusual nativities. Oh, I liked them. James encouraged me to buy one. Sigh, which one? Too bad I liked the most expensive the best.

Bye-bye, Terceira. We liked you!



SATA seats are very close together but we are lucky. Not quite the good seats we had coming (bulkhead) but it could be worse.

We even got lunch. Typical airline food but the wine was not bad.



I have been in a lot of planes in my life but it still amazes me how these metal things can stay in the sky.



Boston, here we are again. I hope it is a little less cold this time.



Immigration, customs, luggage, shuttle to the hotel. Nice room on the 11th floor in the Hyatt Boston Harbor. We go down for a little something in the snack bar. We are eager for something veggie. Beet salad for James, Caesar salad for me. No thank you, no meat on it.




Had to get up very early and caught the 5 am shuttle to our terminal. Everything worked like clockwork. We only had to wait a few minutes in the lobby. Time enough to admire this piece of textile art. It gave me an idea for something lacy. So many ideas. So little time.




In the plane almost taking off. Such a beautiful sky.



Wow, JetBlue breakfast. Ha-ha.



Hello, Richmond. It only has been a little more then one week but it feels like a long time because we have seen so much. We are so blessed.



Yes, very blessed. We are happy that we can see so much of the Lord's beautiful earth.

But it's good to be back home.