Monday, April 18, 2016

Not bored

As I said at the end of my last blog here, the report about "the week of twist and cross" is on my other blog.


Saturday April 9


Sarah had to work and so did Wade. Actually he volunteered to help out at work with frost in the forecast. Yes, the weather is a yo yo. Will we ever get spring? I had to throw a blanket over my hibiscus for a couple of nights too. James took such good care of it in the garage all winter. I am not about to let it be killed on my watch.

Anyway, there was Omi at 8:30 am. Am I getting better at selfies?



We tried going for a walk outside but it was just not nice. Cold. We made it up the driveway and back. But we had fun anyway.




Quilter's meetings the following week, but for Tuesday afternoon an invitation for "Kaffee und "Kuchen" at Gisela's across the river. I had met Gisela several months ago at a quilter's meeting. Suddenly a week earlier I received a letter from her invited all the German ladies she knows I think. We might have been a dozen.

It was very nice. She shared the next picture with us. It is a play on German words and very funny. I don't know whether it makes sense in English.



Gisela and her husband try to "downsize" and had 2 card tables full of German books we were supposed to take home. Here is my selection. I hope I have time sometime soon to do some reading. There is always hope. Especially the red one is a true classic.



An interesting lecture Saturday evening the 16th. A Camino talk. Funny since James is "on the way" right now. Theresa is the daughter of a couple in our community and was visiting. She had done the Francese last year and was so excited. Well, I have not met somebody yet who had walked and was not excited.





I did a walk before the lecture and then walked to and from the pavilion. Walking in the neighborhood is not so exciting but better then nothing and I try whenever possible. That should improve when James is back.



A little meddling in the garden.




And look what I found when I looked for tools. I had been searching for it. When I couldn't find it I was afraid this might happen. I should have looked up.



And I potted it right away. I planted the finished amaryllis in the outside container where this one was before the winter. I think I had done something right there.



There were a few more things to keep me busy (written with a grin) but there was always time to read James blog and re-read and re-read. So happy all goes well for him. But please send some rays of sunshine to him. Too much rain.


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