Monday, April 4, 2016

What to do first

Tuesday ... back from the airport ... strange after such a "lively" week to have the house all to myself.

So much I should do. Close to the end of a month and also end f the first quarter. Waiting to be done: the April newsletter for the church, the contribution statements, the next teller schedule. Oh well ....

Couldn't get my thoughts around it so I did some sewing. A lot. The third step of the Cotton Robin is almost done. Ahead of deadline. Just have to make a decision about the final touch. But I can't really tell or show you ... yet.

The butterfly is the April Block Lotto.



Ha-ha, at one point I looked at my photos and wondered when I took this photo of the beer and sub. Then I realized ... I didn't. James is using my mini iPad in Spain to blog and the photos he pulls on it end up in my cloud. Helen says it's not fair that I get a sneak peek. Fun.




I had started on the newsletter but really didn't want to miss out going to the Stitchers. And I had a successful day there. In the beginning I was wondering what the heck I was doing because I didn't like my idea any longer. But after I had sewn I few rows together I really liked it. Now I can't wait to finish it. It's all 2 1/2 inch precut squares from the remnant bin.



I almost finished the newsletter afternoon/evening/night before I went to bed after midnight.

But Friday was promised to Sarah. I had to get going early because Sarah's car was being serviced and she needed help getting Caleb to daycare. I took my computer with me though and was able to get it out almost on time on the first day of the month. Sarah also wanted help with organizing another area in their house. We made great progress and since we had to get out anyway for something we had lunch at Genghis Grill.




Caleb was fun after daycare. We all cooked dinner together and I spend the night because Wade was out of town.

Saturday ... the fun continued. Caleb was awake early. He helped Sarah to bake banana muffins.





It rained in the night and morning. Cabin fever? Sarah decided that Caleb's shoes needed replacing. The Stride Rite store had closed but Caleb was cooperative and we were successful.




The reward was a little while in the play area. It was fun watching him.






He is quite happy about his new sneakers.



When Caleb went to take his nap I sneaked out to go home. This Saturday was the last in the Richmond Forum Series. Susan, my friend from Stitchers, came with me to use James' ticket. It was so much fun. Historian Dr Henry Louis Gates Jr and Quarterback Russell Wilson were the guests. It was exactly like the PBS show "Finding your roots" but life. It was so interesting. Here is and article about it in the Richmond Times Dispatch.



Most of Sunday was taken up by church of course but the weather was so nice that I had to go for a neighborhood walk. I did about 4 miles. Short before home I stopped at my friend Julie's just to say hello for a minute which turned into a nice glass of wine. I hope my friend Irma will not be upset now because I had declined her invitation to a piece of "Bienenstich". But that was before I had my work done.

Coming week: Monday = give lace lesson to Phoebe who really wanted to learn to make bobbinlace. Tuesday and Wednesday = lace workshop in Williamsburg. But all about that on my other blog!


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  1. I think that you are too busy to be very lonely! LOL. I love that Finding Your Roots show! Dr. Gates is a wonderful host - glad you had the opportunity to see him.