Friday, October 14, 2016

More catch-up

Besides helping with the twins there are many other things we were busy with. Our church has had many events lately. Since I am also the editor of our church newsletter you can read about it HERE!

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Saturday October 1 - Wade had to work so the rest of us took a trip to the zoo. It was a lot of fun. Caleb loves it and is very interested in seeing everything. He is not sure about feeding the giraffes though.
We didn't quite make it home before changing the twins and feeding them.

As you can imagine I am taking quite a number of photos. Here are some:

What should the caption for the next one be? "Oh, please stop saying how cute I am!"

"Oh, I wished you would just let me take my nap!"

"Well, let me think about that. Yes, I would like my bottle now."

October 4 - another Caleb sleepover!

October 6 - James' birthday - Papa's birthday!

We agreed to celebrate at the Wallers. Way easier! We went early and brought some of the dinner. Can you see Edy the cat nuzzling the back of my head? A little jealousy?

Happy Birthday, James!
Caleb had helped decorate the birthday cookie. I was too late with my camera but was able to take some pictures of the 5 seconds video.

It was fall break in Nashville and William was excited to spend time with his parents at the ocean. Mexico Beach, Florida. They shared pictures with us. That helps with the "miss them issue". So happy they had a great time! William even caught some fish ... catch and release!

This is my favorite photo though. Love the composition. Look at the contentment. And look at the big bird in the back at the water edge.

Good times! We are blessed!


  1. Great to read your blog, the family are looking so well.

  2. Four lovely grandsons. Feeling Blessed indeed!