Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nashville time - part 3

Sunday  -  October 16

Time for William's breakfast. If you ask him what he wants, he always wants Omi's applesauce. But Auntie Sarah had given us the idea of eggs in a hole. Well, it was not rejected.

Helen and her Dad wanted to go for a hike and this morning seemed to be the only time possible through this visit. So, William and I dropped Papa off at Helen's and continued to church.

William likes going to church and is good as gold. He sat next to me very attentively. In the beginning of the service, the Pastor usually gives treats like this to new people. This day he gave it to each child in lieu of the children's sermon. He was "under the weather" and thought he shouldn't get too close to them.  

After the service William automatically disappeared into the Sunday school so we stayed for that too.

Helen and James had a very nice hike. The weather was so perfect. We had leftover lunch and afterwards William and I went to Kroger to buy a pumpkin.  Sarah had told me about a special kit which I had bought several days earlier. We had to try it.

William is obsessed with seeds. Any kind. I was not allowed to throw them away. So I googled and roasted them (we had to count out 20 first because he wanted them for growing pumpkins next year). Actually, they turned out quite delicious.

William, Papa and I also did a neighborhood walk. Remember this picture in an earlier blog? The decorations have changed in just a few days. The big purple dragon is new. 

What a difference a few months are making too. William is quite happy to go for a bit longer walks now. So much fun.

Sunday evening we all wanted to get together for a family dinner again. Helen and Ben had talked about a vegan restaurant. It had sounded so good that I suggested that instead of cooking. We met there. James and I would have never found it without the GPS. It was very nice.

Helen, William and I played UNO at our end of the table until the food came, which was peanut butter and banana for William.

A vegan Reuben (made with tempeh) for me. Could have had a little more sauerkraut but otherwise it was really nice. And the lentil stew was super.

It was a "school night", so no sleepover. 

Monday  -  Originally we had thought of driving back to Virginia on Monday since William is in school all day. But Helen could not be there to pick William up at the appropriate time so we happily decided to do that.

Having heard about the great hike Helen and James did the day before I was a bit jealous. So since we were free all morning that's what we wanted to do.

Radnor Lake State Park is truly a gem. The weather could not have been any better. Sunny and warm with a gentle breeze. We met a fair number of other people and all were so friendly. Here only a few photos.

We did see the heron Helen and James saw the day before. They saw him (or her) even catch a fish. But we didn't see the owl and the turkeys they saw. Here are some of James' pictures from the day before:

At the end we came to a visitor center close to where we had parked. There was a little nature museum. Is this the grandma of the beaver who cuts down the trees behind our TH?

James thinks that my pedometer on my iPhone didn't work correctly. I should have had more steps and more miles. Oh well. The steps on the Fitbit are more interesting. And I like to see the map at the end. 
And the major point is that it was lovely and peaceful and very enjoyable.

This is a map given to us and I draw the red line of our walk. There are other trails and I am sure we will be back.

At 3 o'clock we had to be at the school. We had parked at their house. William is a "walker" most of the time and we walked back to his house. We had brought the pumpkin he had helped carve the day before and the three of us quickly went to the closest Kroger and bought three different color hardy mums to surprise Helen with in front of the house. William picked the colors his mother might like. We picked those which were the buds were still mostly closed and hope that they will enjoy them for a while.

After that we went to our place. William had to do his homework first and then he and James played several games of dominoes. William is a good player. Of course he likes to win but is also a fair loser. 

We met Helen and Ben at a Mexican Restaurant close to their house. Ben had invited us to another family meal. It was very nice. And very considerate because we didn't have any leftovers to worry about since we had to pack up.

Parting is never easy but we promised that we would be back as soon as we could.

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  1. What a lovely visit you had. I know how much you miss them when you are home and how much they miss you!