Sunday, October 23, 2016

Back in VA

Tuesday October 18

We like to get on the road early ... we agree the night before how to set the alarm.

We have a good routine by now and were on the road by 6:30 am. Look at that sky!!!
We couldn't believe though that we saw school busses picking up children (very young ones) so early in the neighborhood. What do they expect from these children?

I had packed a picnic (got to take care of that refrigerator before you leave). Wytheville has a nice picnic bench with a great view. Timewise it's just at the right point.

Leftover greens salad and a quinoa/egg salad. It was a trial recipe and not so much my husband's thing but I also had a sandwich for him. I quite liked my new "invention" though.

We arrived about 5 pm and were itching to go for a walk. That felt good.


Yes, Sarah could do with some help/company. I went as early as I could but guess what? The twins paid no attention to my arrival. No "hello Omi".

That changed though. They both were a bit cranky and wanted to be held. This is Owen.

This is Colin.

"oh no, no more photos".

Sarah had told us about their plans to renovate. With being 5 now and enjoying family and friends visits, a more open floor plan would be better. They want to take a wall out. On Wednesday Sarah told me that she was disappointed that it would take some time to scoot up on the contractor's list. It might be a "messy Christmas". But they had already moved some furniture around. James and I helped to move some more and the TV. I made the remark that she could help the contractor by removing some of the drywall herself. Sarah got very excited because she had thought of that too.
Wade was not so keen on the idea but she told him that his mother-in-law really had always wanted to demolish a wall and not to deprive me that pleasure.

Thursday  -  I had Stitchers in the morning but went straight from there to Sarah's. They had plans to go to Wade's hometown for the weekend so his grandmother (the boy's great-grandmother) could finally meet the twins. I figured Sarah had to do some preparations.

What I didn't know that I was helping with this:

Of course, Sarah had googled on it. The power was cut off in those two rooms. I had fun. Sarah was happy when she could peak through for the first time.

The opening gave you a really good idea of the potential. James and I agree that it will be a very good change. Sarah is so happy. We did a good clean-up, sat back and enjoyed.

Later came the report that Wade liked it and he still likes his MIL.

Friday  -  James and I were both there early. She still had a ton of washing and packing to do. The twins were happy with us.

A lot has to go into their car when they travel with an (almost) three year old and baby twins. Schatzi "decided" to spend the weekend with us (smile). Oh well, why not. She is no bother, sweet dog.

Now if I only could get my things done. Church bazaar ... Christmas ... travel plans ... sewing/quilting  ... lacemaking ...  household ? (scratch the last)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh no. Doing nothing you wouldn't do, my friend.

  2. You and Sarah are brave souls! I cannot imagine trying to do something like that! My heroes.

    Wow – the twins have changed since you were in Nashville! So fast. I hope I get to see them soon!