Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cuba Trip Day 12 - return to Miami and Nashville

OAT Itinerary:
Day 12: Return to USA
Today, we bid Cuba a fond adios as we board our flight to Miami.
Meals included: B
Saturday January 21
We had plenty of time to pack, have breakfast etc. Nice not to have to rush. Migdalia and Raul of course brought us to the airport and she told us exactly what to do and expect. It was all easy and at about 1 pm we can walk to our plane.

Once again we are at the Sheraton Hotel close to the Miami Airport. Again we took the People Mover and it was very easy. I like that thing.
After checking in we decide to go downstairs to find something to nibble. We didn't really have lunch yet. Or do the airline nuts count?

We ordered artichoke and spinach dip to start with and some drinks but we waited and waited. When James went inside to get it himself it got even worse. But the sunset was marvelous! As you can see we did enjoy the dip and drinks too.

When it got too cold outside we moved inside for dinner. We ordered and then waited one hour, trying to get the servers attention. When finally a manager making her rounds asked us whether we were happy and we said "noooooooo" and explained, she tried to help. But the situation was still almost comical. At least we didn't go to bed hungry. Later than we wanted though.

Sunday January 22
We had to get up shortly after 5 am because we had an early flight. Ha-ha, the saga continued. Even after letting the water run for a very long time, hot water for a shower never arrived. In a Sheraton Hotel? When we check out and mention it, the clerk said that nobody reported it. No, because we are in a hurry to get to the airport. Goodness gracious.
At the gate we have a cup of coffee. Surprise, it tasted good.

The flight was alright. Newark Liberty International Airport at take-off. I like window seats.

OMG! I had already put the camera away because of the clouds. Then I saw this and hurried. It could have been better, but I still like it. Manhattan.

Nashville from the air. Percy Priest Lake.

I could pinpoint our townhouse right here.

And this is the bridge we drive under to go to "the kids".

Helen and William picked us up from the airport. Ben had bought flowers and they cooked dinner. I also got a belated birthday cookie. What a nice welcome!!!

And this really concludes our Cuba trip. What a great time we had. So happy we went.

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