Monday, January 23, 2017

Cuba Trip Disclaimer

We are back!
Helen and William met us at the airport and flowers were on the table - bought by my son-in-law Ben! We are back in Tennessee not Virginia. We are taking care of William this week.


The only thing ... couldn't blog because the Internet / WiFi was pretty much non-existent and to "fight" with it would have taken too much time ... which we didn't have because our program was sooooooooo full. I should have said: Internet, not yet. We did see Cubans FaceTime at hotspots. It will not be long.
Of course I still will write the blogs because I write them for me ... like a journal.

As I said, the program was well-planned and chockfull with interesting things. We saw a lot and learned a lot. I can't really write about all of that, history, life in colonial times, the revolution, times after that, the critical "special times" after the Soviet Union collapsed, the changes in the last few years. The lectures were brilliant. Our tour leader Migdalia was brilliant. Most Cuban people are very loving and friendly. They love art, music and dance and have fun. I just wish I could speak Spanish. Many were pretty good with English. It's now a mandatory class in school instead of Russian. Education is taken seriously in Cuba.

So, stay tuned. I will catch up eventually. (I have updated Day 1 and Day 2)

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