Sunday, January 8, 2017

Days in Nashville

We had planned to drive to Nashville on Friday but changed our minds. We had our eyes on the weather forecast all week. The forecasts were a bit nerve-racking. We couldn't get away on Thursday as early as we usually do. On the dot at noon we were packed and leaving our driveway.

We were very lucky and dodged bad weather several times. We only saw a few flurries ... except for the last hour when it turned just a little iffy because it also had turned dark. We arrived at the townhouse at about 8:15 pm quite relieved and happy about our decision.

Our happiness about our decision was emphasized Friday morning. This is what we woke up to:

Looking out of the back.
I think around 10 am we decided we should get some food, especially if Helen and William are coming. William wants to spend two sleepovers! Kroger and Aldi are only about 1 mile away. We made it to this spot and then saw several cars stopped in front of us with one in the middle of the hill in the back. It wasn't able to go up. As this was the last turn-around we didn't think long and went home. It's not worth it.
This photo was taken about an hour and a half later. Second attempt! No problem whatsoever this time since the road had now been salted.
In the afternoon Helen and William arrived. William had prayed for several days for snow, had poured ice cubes into the toilet and wore his pjs inside out in the night. Now he wanted to go out into it which is understandable. The adults were not so keen.
Of course we gave in. He is eagerly putting his boots on. Still learning how to tie shoes.
He did it and Helen took a photo of his first successful tie.
Helen took this photo, showed it to me and said "proof that you are the best grandma". Then she put it on FaceBook with the words "19 F and William suckered Omi into playing outside with him".
Actually, it wasn't so bad. And it made William happy.
The snow was way too powdery for snowballs but he still had fun. VIDEO!
At the end he had fun throwing snow at us at the glass door.
Being cooped up there is not much you can do in a little space. Oh yes, good thing we brought the basket with train tracks.
Saturday morning! He is a good sleeper but likes to join us and cuddle in the morning.
The answer to "what would you like for breakfast?" is always the same: "applesauce" (made with the Ninja and stirred into porridge). After that: building a fort, playing "battleship", playing "dominoes", playing "skip-bo" and wished he could go outside in-between. He is very good at those games. He likes to win but doesn't mind losing.









Sunday! We meet Helen at their church at 9 am. William likes going to church. He was asked today to help with the collection. He beams when he can help.

Afterwards we had lunch at our townhouse. Leftovers need to be finished. Goodness, that boy likes German bread with brie on it. He also likes my Spanish Manchego cheese made with sheep's milk. Helen finishes sewing her Cotton Robin center upstairs. Papa and William watch some TV but we have trouble with our WiFi since arrival. It keeps coming and going. That means: no Netflix for example. Still way too cold outside for walks. I heard mention 17 degrees Fahrenheit which sounds to me even worse in -8 degrees Celsius.

Soon Helen and I are downstairs again too and more playing in the living room.
Helen took a VIDEO!

Later Helen and William went home but we all met at the Mexican Restaurant close to their home for an early dinner as usual. It was very nice with a lively conversation.

Now it time to get ready for tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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  1. Snow in Tennessee! I guess William did all the right things to make that happen!

    By the way - he has VERY good taste in cheese! Two of my favorites!