Sunday, December 31, 2017

One more for the old Year

When James was on his Camino de la Plata in 2016 he met Ruth and Mike. They live in Denver but have a grown child with family in Norfolk.  This was the second Christmas that we met with them. This time we met them at the Waffle House in Williamsburg to cut the driving into half for each of us.
Friday December 29
We had a great time and talked a storm. They had been in Spain again and even did the job of managing an albergue on the Camino for 2 weeks. Very interesting. Of course they wanted to know about our hike on the Jesus Trail in September.

I think the Waffle House people must have thought we will never leave. But we had such a good time.

I am usually not very fond of tattoos but wedding rings ... cool! It fits them.

Mike is an excellent selfie-taker.

Next day Saturday December 30 we decided to visit the VFMA and the special exhibition, the clay warriors from Xian. Since we had been in Xian we were especially interested and didn't want to miss it. As always ... we were not disappointed. The exhibition was about much more then just the emperor's burial place. Lots of history.

The illustration of the painted warrior was especially interesting because I had forgotten about that. Or maybe I had never realized that it must have been awesome to see when it was all new. James and I remembered though that we (supposedly) saw the old farmer who discovered the first statue on his field giving autographs in the museum in Xian.
That visit was in 2004 and you can find the link to my report HERE!   It's a PDF and Xian starts on page 16.

And then Sunday December 31 ... New Year's eve ... Silvester in Germany.
We call it a "non-event". And we had a quiet evening at home. We almost didn't remember that our church wedding ceremony had taken place on this day in 1975. Helen remembered and congratulated.

Happy New Year, y'all.

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  1. We are really looking forward to going to the museum to see the clay warriors. Mike got us membership for Christmas again this year. I’m glad they will be there until March!