Sunday, February 11, 2018

Day 6 - At Sea

Monday February 5

It will be a leisurely day today as we start our journey back towards Florida. We have looked at the "When & Where" and decided we would like to go to the "Ask the Captain" session at 10 am. It actually was very interesting. Captain Colm Ryan talked very down to earth and quite funny. Click on his name and there is his Bio.

The weather was more pleasant than the day before. Temp was around 72 F / 22 C
As usual we did some loops around Deck 6. People in the lawn chairs are in front of their cabins. By now we know some by sight. James and I gave them nicknames between us. One shouted to us when we passed "20 more laps". Next time we came around I replayed "only 19 to go". 

Of course we also have to look at the sea once in a while. Suddenly we saw flying fish. They are so cute. But they are tiny. In this photo you can see one on the left. I am proud of myself that I was able to put that arrow in. I was also able to catch some on a VIDEO (0:57  actually I had to take at least a dozen).

Yes, salad for lunch every day. But followed by dessert. Not shy about that. Bread-pudding with vanilla sauce. Had to try it. Little fruit tarts. Not much damage, right?

Martini Sampling at 6 pm - 3 for $9 on Deck 8
Never had a martini. How naive am I? I thought there was only one kind with the choice of shaken or stirred. OMG. We didn't know there was a sampling pretty much every day and all different. Today all were done with Vodka "because it doesn't have much taste by itself".

#1: Strawberry Basil Martini, it looks pretty

Ernie, the Bartender!

#2: Apple Martini (in the middle)

#3: Raspberry Fashionista (with a touch of pineapple)

The "When & Where" told us that tonight's dress: Gala Attire
Well, too bad. I didn't bring any. But to be honest, nobody minded. You saw everything from very elegant to very casual. It was fun. People watching is very entertaining. No critiquing. 

I did mention that we had changed to "open seating". It worked out very well because we went when we were ready for it. If there was a line we got a buzzer and just went to listen to the pianist/violin upstairs. We learned quickly to tell the host that we would like to share but table not larger then 6. We found that way you can really have nice conversations. This day we were on a table for 4 ... just another couple. They were very nice, from Montreal and they really excited us about the cruise from Montreal to Boston. Weather should be perfect.

Every evening we would get a different menu with plenty to choose from. Four courses. Oh my.

When we came back to our cabin we found this monkey. 

I decided that days at sea are actually good for me. Forced relaxation. Oh yes, I had found another simple mystery book in the library and enjoyed it. My book club friends would shake their heads.

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