Friday, April 22, 2011

William's first visit

picture taken and shared by Helen
 Wednesday May 20th ... William is checking out the Nashville Airport shoe shine just like Grandpa likes to do. Also wants to try out why Grandpa always has a newspaper in his hands.

picture taken and shared by Helen

At William's first flight the captain himself pinned the wings on.

Auntie Sarah and Uncle-to-be Wade came for dinner to welcome Helen and William too. It was a lovely warm evening.

William liked it outdoors too.

He is walking in his Auntie's footsteps. He likes pickles too.

And he loved the mango cream!!! After he had most of an avocado.

In the evening he loves a bath.

Fun, fun.

Splish, splash.

William was so busy playing. This is serious business.

 And it is so wonderful when Mom reads from a book.

William is a pro now in sitting. And he can entertain himself for a long time.

Taking socks off is a favorite past-time.

Pull. Pull.

Yes!!! Yes!!!

That's where it was.

Didn't I do a good job, Omi?

Can't quite put it back yet.

Right there.

It is Good Friday. It is time to take the Christmas cards down.

I so like my mail from friends and family ... but it is time.

William, William, will you please help!

Oh, yes Omi, this is fun.

When we have picked all this up, I will help you decorate for Easter. I will, Omi!


  1. I keep thinking how much fun William will have looking at this blog in years to come. Not to mention his future wife and children!

  2. Yup, that's the idea. He LOVES watching videos I took! Christa