Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I volunteered

 Last month Sarah, James and I took Schatzi and Jimmy for a walk. Meadow Farm Park is very close to us and very nice.

Jimmy is interested but Schatzi thinks these creatures look too much like her ... just not so pretty.

The sheep on the other hand doesn't care much for Jimmy.

Got something to nibble?

Jimmy was very interested in EVERYTHING.

What's there to see?

Ah, bacon.

At the Meadow Farm Museum they told me that they had a "Sheep to Shawl" event on Saturday April 16. I like events like that so I am going to demonstrate lacemaking.

One drawback: now I have to get ready for it. Lacemaking is more then making doilies. I had a pattern for a shawl I always wanted to make. This is the perfect opportunity to get started. Bobbins have to be wound. The pattern asks for 82 pairs = 164 bobbins!
 Thank goodness I have a winder.
Almost done! The variegated thread is hand-dyed silk from Denmark and I had it for a long time. The other 4 solid shades of purple/violet are also silk - Tussah-Seide 20/2 Zuercher-Stalder AG Kirchberg Switzerland. Those I bought last August in Brugge Belgium.
Finally, the "hanging on" (starting). It is so tedious.

But soon I am on my way. Hope I have the shawl done by next winter, hahaha.

From their website:

Sheep to Shawl
For all ages. Meadow Farm is shearing its sheep and taking the wool through the entire process from sheep to shawl. Spinning, weaving and natural dyes are all part of this process. Come try your hand at some of these activities. Make a wool craft to take home. Information: Anna Truong, 501-2130.
Sat, Apr 16, noon-4 p.m.
Meadow Farm Museum. Free.

COME and talk threads with me! (or anything else!) I hope to have a little display about all the different kinds of lace. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. And if I am really brave I will wear my mother's German dress.


  1. Pretty....but oh winding all those bobbins!

  2. Oh, yes, this is the project with the most bobbins I have used ever (so far).

  3. Wow this is such a pretty piece of lace, I'll bookmark you blog so I can see the finished scarf.