Monday, April 25, 2011

Husband was right!

Remember the wreath with the Easter eggs in my last blog? James warned me that it was too heavy for that hook but I thought it should be alright. Well, it wasn't. The day doesn't start out very well when you jump out of bed because you heard the wreath with the Easter eggs come crashing down. Well, may be more plop then crash but most are broken.

At least James didn't say "I told you so". Instead he went to get the vacuum cleaner and used it.

We had plans to go to the zoo today but somehow things happened and time ran away.

 But we met Aunt Sarah for lunch at the "Noodle Company" and that was fun.

All fresco! Waiting for the food.

Afterward we went for a walk around Echo Lake. But not Aunt Sarah. She had to work. William was not impressed with the ducks. He fell asleep.

Richmond's Echo Lake.

William slept on the (short) way home, then for a while in the house while Mommy and Omi did an errand and when he woke up, he played happily in the exersaucer. He keeps turning in all directions.

Friends from church lent the exersaucer to us. Wonderful friends they are.

And then Grandpa, Omi and William sat outside for a while because Mommy had gone to the gym. The neighbor's cats Samantha and Miss Buddy came to visit and William found that quite exciting.

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