Sunday, April 3, 2011

William's busy week continues

We needed to go shopping. Kohl's was on our list first but we got it wrong and ended up going to Mt Juliet first and since some of us were hungry ... lunch at Olive Garden. They even had a children's menu. Not that William needs it yet but he liked the paper.

He found out that he needed to tip the bottle up for something to come out.

After our shopping and after Kohl's we went on the Greenway which starts there (at Kohl's). William was exhausted!

Spring has definitely sprung. Love even the tiniest flowers.

On the way back we saw this little guy. A groundhog.

He didn't mind us at all.

He let us have a good look at him (or her?)

We went along the Stones River. My, my, not another Nashville flood coming? Look how high it already is.

Today (Sunday 3rd of April) in the afternoon Helen was giving a READing Paws Training. James and I had fun taking William out. First we stopped and bought a cap and sandals and then we went to the Cheekwood Botanical Garden. After all, we have a membership and really should take advantage of it.

First thing we found out that the Daffodil Society had a competition/exhibition there. That was so interesting. There must have been hundreds of different kinds.

One category was called 'Design' and there were some very special arrangements.

This was a tiny vase with tiny flowers.

Almost life size statue. Isn't the shivering boy on the left just so cute?
It is still early spring but so much was already blooming ... besides the dogwoods.

This couple was so intensely taking pictures, it was funny. The lady had just taking a picture on her tummy but was just getting up when I was snapping.
 There is a Burr Garden but since there were steps we didn't go there with the stroller. But here was a garden for William.

Sweet William.

Then we took a picnic break for William in the education building (after we changed the 'you know what'). Took this picture with a 'long arm'.

Asked a nice couple to take this one ... of course with my camera.

William with the new cap.

Showing off the new sandals.

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