Sunday, May 15, 2011

A glorious Day !

One year ago ... what a time we had then. We had rushed from VA to TN in a hurry on May 13th and on May 14th William was born ... two months early. But the Lord took care of him and all of us and today we celebrated his 1st year birthday. What a glorious day full of decorating, happiness, love and celebrating!

A party was planned for Saturday at 1:30 pm at our place . Helen had thought of everything down to decorating the highchair. It was fun helping her. 

Major thoughts had gone into the birthday cake. Since William loves books, especially The Little Hungry Caterpillar, a caterpillar cupcake cake it had to be.

Yup, just like the book.

And Omi made special cookies for William with her German gadget.

First the guest have to catch up with news. The men are in the kitchen. Ben and his cousin Jim remember their birthday cakes when they were children. They were allowed to choose which one they wanted out of a box. Joy had brought the box to Helen. Jim is holding the template for the baseball mitt cake he once had. It was in the box too.

The women are in the living room playing with William who likes to investigate the decorations for him. Go for it, William.

 Go for it!

Mops (Joy Hall Wahl), William's grandmother from Ben's side.

picture from Jim & Melissa

GeeGee (Jessie Ruth Hall) William's great-grandmother. How lucky is this little boy?

Auntie Sarah had sent (with us) pots with Sweet William plants she had raised from seeds for all the guests.
The young family!

No, I don't see the need for a crown. Where is the food?

 Why do you let me starve?

Ben had brought Barbecue and there were all sorts of good things.
Since it had stopped raining, grandpa turned Helen's bubble machine on.
Oh, he loved that!

Yes, that was a big success! William says "Thanks, Mom".
picture from Jim & Melissa
picture from Jim & Melissa

 And then came the big moment!

First he was given a cup cake with white icing. He almost choked on the strawberry. Ben had to rescue his son. A moment we will most likely still tell in years to come. And most likely the story is going to get better every year.

But some of the adults cried out that he was deprived of his real first birthday experience. So there came the caterpillar head. Yes, red!

picture from Jim & Melissa

picture from Jim & Melissa

Then we were back in the living room again socializing. And taking pictures. At least 4 cameras were always clicking. Poor William followed by the paparazzi.

And, of course, William had to open his presents. The invitation had sad 'no presents please' but he is so loved. And ... he had fun ... and everybody else too.

Uncle Jim is putting his toy for William together sitting next to his and Ben's grandmother. A little lawnmower.

When he was done, William had great fun playing with it with Aunt Melissa's help.

William did the knee-hopping. Of course he had to sit on Granddad George's too.

And then ... when everything was over ... William was just plain pooped, worn out. Let the grown-ups do the clean-up. Haha.

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  1. A glorious day, indeed! He is absolutely adorable, Christa. I think my favorite picture is with Dad (I think) and the bubbles! All along your captions have been wonderful - this one made me giggle: "Why do you let me starve?". I made JUST that cupcake cake for a baby shower last year.