Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More fun with William and then he goes home!

Just came back from the Airport. Helen and William are on their way back home. I hope Helen considered this somewhat a vacation because she did do a lot of work. She made and mailed William's one-year birth announcements, organized a wonderful bridal shower for Sarah, made the wedding invitations, organizing the Matron-of-Honor dress etc. etc. But I have some proof of fun too.

 William is mailing 'his' cards.

We visited the Metro Richmond Zoo. A first for James and me too. For the longest I didn't even know we had one.
We have mixed feelings about it. From Singapore and St Louis we are used to state-of-the-art facilities which have enclosures for the animals as natural to them as possible, and also generously sized. We are not so sure about that here. It is a very small zoo anyway with a lot of entertainment
/amusement-park type things of which I did not take a photo.
 Loved the Giraffes though.

 See what I mean? Not so natural. The children can buy food to feed the animals. These pellets were everywhere.
 Ah, this makes me feel better about myself. Haha.
William really liked the kitty-cats.

And then we had lunch at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Helen told our server that her husband's family lives in Lebanon, TN (headquarter!) and we received prime service.
William is the quality controller for the wedding invitations.
And then yesterday we went to the Tuckahoe Library "Mother Goose Story Hour".

Every child got to pet the goose.

 Waiting to start.
 It was a BIG group.

Overhead projecting.

 William was fascinated ...
 ... and worn out.
 Today we went to the Glen Allen Library. It was an ugly rainy morning.
 Waiting for it to start.
Is the weather the reason that there are not that many participants? But it was so much fun.

This afternoon at the airport. William is ready to see his Dad again.
 He is so ready for an adventure.
Bye Helen, bye William, it was so nice to have you visit. It will be quiet in the house now.

Thanks, Ben, for lending us your family. We enjoyed it so much.

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  1. I agree regarding the Richmond Zoo. I think that for a Zoo to justify itself, it has to be first and foremost a research/conservation facility. Entertainment should come FAR behind. And feeding the animals, while fun, doesn't seem very healthy for them.