Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lots going on and the real reason why Helen came!

Friday April 29th - - the Royal Wedding. Alarm clock at 5:25 am, after all I do have a British passport.
Sarah comes over in her pajamas too. William wakes up early too and wants some entertainment. Auntie is happy to oblige.
 Our William gets crowned.
 William waits for Prince William to kiss his bride Kate.
 Later in the day we HAVE to drive to Williamsburg. We tried the whole week and could never fit it in. Helen had ordered Sarah's wedding present and we had to get it. No time for a visit to Colonial Williamsburg so we drive to Yorktown to have lunch in a pub.
Williams first pub visit. Too young for beer. Mommy brought the emergency baby food in a pouch were you screw a spoon to the top to squeeze the food on. They didn't have that when I had my babies.
 Time for a very short walk. It is such a glorious day. Yorktown on the York River.
 The fishing pier.
 We were already leaving in the car when Helen spotted this statue for a perfect picture with William.
 A couple wanted me to take their picture with their camera ... so they returned the favor and took a picture of all of us.
 Saturday morning ... up bright and early again. Helen's bridal shower for her sister Sarah is at 2 pm. Hustle, hustle.
What you find when you try to organize your household. Found a German gadget to make cookies like this. Had it for many year ... and never used. Sigh.
O.k. ... a hotpot with chocolate sauce to dip different fruit, pretzels and cookies in. Mimosas or soft drinks.
 Val had brought her famous cup cake creations.
 And more.

Val, the cup cake artist.
 Helen welcomed and thanked everybody for coming.
Chicken salad on croissants, spinakopias, crab cakes, several dips and the sweets. Nobody should be hungry.

 Sarah is starting her part of the 'duties', opening the presents.

Just like her sister at her wedding, Sarah receives her homemade present from her mother: night wear (white Jersey boxers and t-shirt with HANDMADE bobbinlace). Have to show picture later because I forgot to take a proper one.

 Julie agrees: the dessert is nice.

 Helen's party favors for the guests.
And afterward WE crashed for a while.
 Another early morning: alarm clock at 5:40 am. The day of the Muddy Buddy. Sarah's third, Helen's second. Two years ago they did it together in Nashville.
 Getting ready. Tying the timers to the shoe laces.
 The team manager for the Wawa's Mud Warriors.
 Hand dyed t-shirts for the team.
 Wave 6 is starting. I see her, I see her.
 Helen takes the first bike turn.

 And that is the last we see of her for a while.
 Sarah is starting with the run. I had just seen her.
 There she is. Waving.
 See you. Have fun.
 At this point William couldn't care less.
 Finally. The first sighting.
 Yeah, the team has arrived.
 Good job.
 See her whiz by.
 But it is not totally done. The last obstacle.

And entering the mud pit.

 The goal was to finish. Well done, girls.

This is sister time.
 The most difficult part of this event.
 Omi tries to keep William happy. He can't understand why his mommy doesn't want to give him a hug right now. Really?
 He smiled as soon as he sat on the bicycle.
Maybe a future Mini Muddy Buddy?

Now the drive home and nap time all around!!!!!

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