Sunday, September 11, 2011

More about Block Lotto

Did you see my first BLOCK LOTTO squares in a previous blog? The violets.

I didn't win but had fun ... well, that's what counts. BLOCK LOTTO (see blog I am following) August is over and there are six winners of "violet squares". Winning was not important to me because I learned something new. And whatever I made and didn't use in a quilt myself was not wasted because this morning I sent my 'violets' off to two winners.

And since I had received a sneak-preview for September because I had posted before the deadline for August, I have already made 3 squares for the next Block Lotto. September: Curved Rails!
These three were all I was doing ... and I wanted to donate them ...

,,, but Helen looked at all those posted already on the site and thinks her husband would really love one (she says the one I made for them a year or two ago is too small for him).

Well, we can keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. I'll bet you can guess what my response will be ... now that you've made 9 curved rails, you know how easy and quick they are, so even if you don't win, you could pick up a batik layer cake and make a bunch of blocks for yourself ;-)

    But I'll cross my fingers for you anyway.