Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back from Nashville

After a month in Nashville, it was time to return. Since James had left two weeks earlier, I had to do the drive all by myself .. and it wasn't bad at all. Good weather and easy roads since it was a Saturday. NPR and Dr Laura were good entertainment. Hurray for satellite radio.

But before James left I had to take this video of  William likes Grandpa's gadget  (click here) 

Main goal in Nashville was to be a help to Helen. She is doing well back in school again and we are proud of her. Helping out with William is not really a hardship. It is fun ... exhausting fun ... but fun.

In the "off-time" there was always something else to do. One thing on my mind is to William-proof the back deck. It was so cluttered with the grill and non-stackable chairs and definitely screaming "splinters".

Went to Home Despot and priced outdoor carpet. Not that bad!



A friend from Paducah came for an overnight-visit and we "hit" several yarn shops. We had a lot of fun. And William was a star with the knitting ladies in the shops.

And then I went on a day trip to Paducah for a hair appointment. Oh how I miss Lisa.

This is a before picture.

And this is an after picture. Oh, how much happier I am.

I had time to stop at our "old" church and met a good number of dear people by chance.

Sherry had advertised on Facebook free basil from her garden so I met her and John in their "basil patch". Sherrie also shared her pesto recipe so I hurried home and guess what I did then?

This really is Grandpa's job ... going for walks with William and coming back with him asleep. But walks are very good for me too.

William was very helpful in the kitchen.

He also likes our fancy door security  (click here)

Here are two videos showing how William helped me with  my knitting  (click here)  and  (click here)

He also likes  his remote (click here)  and  (click here). What a boy. Yup, definitely a male thing.

And then on a very hot day Ben came with all his tools and "we" (haha) did the deck. Well, he told me that I was a pretty good assistant.

Here the gate is cut out.

Yup, the deed is done. Oh, I hope James doesn't mind the surprise.

Ben did a super job!

And then he exchanged a plank which had warped upwards.

I couldn't wait to lay the carpet.

As soon as I had done it, the rain came. 

So we had to play indoors again. Kitchen duty again.

It is so much fun  watching him  (click here).

Finally the sun again. William approves of the deck and the new stackable chairs.
 No splinters.

More walks, Omi!
 Plenty of ducks on the golf course.
Traffic sign in our subdivision.

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