Thursday, September 29, 2011

History repeats itself


We visited my parents in Dorsten, Germany. This is in their back garden. Carsten, my sister's oldest, picked Helen up in his arms. Maren on the left and Tobias, the youngest, on the right.

Trying to re-create the picture including Tobias' shorts. Same place. Sarah was there too but not allowed to be in the picture. Carsten called to 'hurry up' .


Helen in her room in our first house in St Louis, Missouri. I had made Jemima Puddle Duck for her before Helen was even born. She loved that duck including chewing on the beak. It got mended several times.
I had made the pictures for her too. Fabric and felt.

William in his room. The pictures are hung. Jemima cleaned and mended one more time. No feet though. I can't find the pattern. It is in my hobby room somewhere. Sigh.

Aahh, were did the years go?


  1. so cute! The cousins almost look the same in that first and second picture!

  2. Thanks. Do you recognize Maren, the wedding photographer?