Thursday, September 22, 2011

This and That

Somehow I don't feel really productive these days. So many loose ends which all take time but nothing really to get a sense of accomplishment.

Oh, well, I finally did finish this pair of socks. I need the needles to knit socks for William. The poor boy has cold feet ... because they have grown!

The sock yarn had a little shiny metallic thread in it which I thought Sarah might like. Weather had turned so cold (for a few days) that I almost wanted to keep them.

Sarah and Wade had invited us for dinner. They like using their green egg. I took a picture of the chicken but then forgot to take more pictures of our hosts. Makes me wonder how important food is in my life, sigh.

We still can sit out on the back porch and just love it. This is my view from my seat. My hibiscus loves getting more water these days. This is the most blooms it had at one time. Too bad they only last one day though. But then there always more the next day.
Last night we had dear friends (which happen to be neighbors) over for dinner. We had a good time and I forgot to take pictures again. Did take a photo of the flowers I picked for the dining room table though. The vase is only about 4 inches tall but somehow flowers are such a wonderful creation. The Lord sure knows how to make people happy.

And now ... I think I will tackle my hobby room again. How can I accomplish anything if I can't find anything?

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  1. I had never heard of the green egg until I saw they got one. Pretty cool! Yes, we need more pictures!