Thursday, December 1, 2011


Highest priority on the to-do-list: making the stairs safe for William before he arrives.

So we google and go shopping. After visiting several shops we buy two gates ... but after taking them home find out that they would not work. So we bring them back and do more shopping. Finally we find the ones which will work. James gets to work.
 At least we don't have to cook. Sarah and Wade invite us for dinner. This time I do not forget to take photos of their finally finished remodeling.
 The new sun-room or morning-room is splendid. Such a happy place.

Edy greets us as always in her calm way.
After a little dancing around, Schatzi has calmed down too. Sweet dog.

And what is cooking on the 'green egg' this time?

Lamb chops! So good! And since S&W are leaving next day for Thanksgiving at Wade's parents, we get to take the leftovers home. Yeah!

Sarah had asked whether I could take a family photo for their Christmas card of them. Well, Schatzi is ready sitting there like a lady.
 Getting everybody ready is a different story.
 Jimmy, sit here!
 Will a treat help?
 Jimmy is sitting. Now Schatzi decides to reposition.
 This is funny.
 Ups, now Edy has enough of this.
 Shall we start all over?

 Oh, what the heck!

And after taking 62 photos with the camera set to continuous picture taking, the first one is actually the best.

 Or this one?
Thanksgiving weather is so nice. We planted this camellia in the front about a year ago. It is full of buds and a few blossoms are already open. So lovely.

Continuing with the 5-minute-job ... 
We found a great solution ... wanting it to be very safe but minimal drilling of holes.
Yup! This will do.

If you want to see what William thinks about it a few days later, click here.
Friday evening we treated ourselves to see the opera Hansel and Gretel at the Carpenter Theater, Richmond VA. We enjoyed it very much. Memories of seeing the same opera 36 years ago at the Lincoln Center in NYC.
Saturday November 26 ... our civil wedding anniversary.
1975 in City Hall Manhattan. It had been a Wednesday then.

We decided to celebrate a little and went out for lunch. Good food in a favorite Italian place.

Aah, lovely seafood for Christa.
 Got a little messy.

At 1:30 in the night the Nashvillers arrived. Quite a drive for Helen and Ben with William but as always he was a very good traveler.

He had grown again so much. A big boy who likes to try the spoon himself.

Sunday evening everybody is together and James has cooked the Thanksgiving turkey.

Taking it easy and enjoying the conversations.
Plenty of leftovers too.

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  1. i cannot help but laugh at the card pictures- i thought it would be so funny to include some of the "bad ones" along with the "real one"!! sarah said it was a riot!

    happy belated anniversary-