Monday, December 5, 2011

It's official!

William has been walking for quite a while ... but always holding on to at least just one finger from somebody.

Yup, with one finger from Grandpa even walking around on the uneven grass in our back yard is fun.

On Tuesday, a rainy day, Helen and Omi took William to story hour at the library. 

That was a lot of fun. You can see videos here
and   here.

But when we were home in the afternoon, William decided that he could walk just like the other toddlers he had seen at story hour ... and let go of others' fingers. It was exciting!!!
Ben happened to make this video just at the right time!

And he is on the go ever since! On Wednesday he went to the playground with his Mommy, Grandpa and Auntie Sarah (who took these photos).

That day Omi was busy at the CrossRidge (subdivision) bazaar selling things for charity. On the right are the church ladies.

Ta da !!!  My stall: Chrismons and Over-the-door-card-displayers and some other things. Nothing much seemed to happen , but when I counted at home I was surprised. It was worth-while for the Virginia Food Bank.

But it is the most fun in the mornings, when I hear the little feet coming down the stairs and in front of the bedroom door. Helen brings him to us and if there is time, he will cuddle up with James and me for a little while (while Helen makes his breakfast). He loves the German down bedding.

Sarah and Wade invited us another evening for dinner. Wade's Aunt Carolyn knew that William would be visiting this week and had dropped off some toys for him to play with at their house, which I think was so very nice of her. They had a lot of fun with these when her son was really small. One was a Hanukkah set which a Jewish friend had given her. William really liked the music it played. Click here    Unfortunately I missed videoing William's best 'dancing' movements.

William also learned to say the name of Sarah's cat. Click here.
Edy wasn't so sure about all this and stayed away.

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  1. I loved the video of William walking! His gurgling chuckles are priceless!