Tuesday, December 6, 2011

William communicates

Oh, it is quiet. William left yesterday with his parents Helen and Ben. The 'Nashvillers' had a looooong drive home with heavy rain in the dark at the end. But all seemed to have gone well. William is a good traveler just like his mother was as a baby.

It was wonderful having the young family visit. We had a lot of fun together. We also learned Williams 'language'.

Walking to his highchair and standing there means "I am hungry".
 This means "Doors need to be closed".
 This means "I need a diaper change" (downstairs on Omi's bed).
 This means "I really would like to climb the stairs. May I please".
"And why is my Mommy on the other side of the gate?"
 "I am bored and need to go exploring".
"May be play with the toys from my box ... or play peek-a-boo with grandpa behind the fireplace".
And this means "I really would love to play with all of these!" There was no doubt, William liked the lighted trees very much. His eyes sparkled when we stepped on the switches.

Now we put the breakables again on the lower shelves ... with mixed feelings. We both went to our gyms yesterday and today and I have caught up with the church bookkeeping. What is next? Probably writing a list so I don't forget to do something and can check things done off.

Christmas will be here very soon.

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