Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas thoughts and Stockings

Advent time! Looking forward to Christmas! Love all the traditions. One of my favorites is the Sunday of Carol and Lessons. Our little church celebrated it on the second Advent Sunday. Middle school children read the lessons. One girl jumped in to read for somebody who had not come. She did a great job but something made us all laugh (on the inside of course - not our loud).

The angel told Mary that she would bear a son ... And Mary said: "How can this be, since I am a Virginian?" (You know where we live!)


I was very busy sewing when Helen was visiting and after. Ben and William did not have stockings. Helen picked out fabric which would be good for the project.

Ben's stocking was done first. Helen found the locomotive fabric which I had bought in Singapore. Ben had to have the big red one. And puppy feet and dog bones (Drifter and Silvi), the lobster of course.
William had to have the little yellow locomotive.
 Here they are "test hanging" on my mantel. But by now they are in Nashville.
This is Helen's stocking which I made a looooooong time ago. It had a flimsy edge and was never lined. I didn't know any better. But I had stitched those pictures on with my old Pfaff then.
Today Helen will find her new old stocking in her Advent calendar sack. I so hope she will like it.

You know, re-doing is much more difficult then starting from scratch.
When I showed Sarah the pictures of Ben's and William's, she said that Wade didn't have a stocking either. She suggested VA Tech motive etc. We all know the Wallers are big Hokie fans. Helen ran out and found some. Peas (veggie he likes) on the top right, leaves he has to get rid of in his profession top left, he likes to go fishing and crabbing, and of course puppy feet and dog bones too.
This is Sarah's old one. Same flimsy. It still had wish lists from two Christmasses in it. Haha, one of the things on the lists she will find in her Advent calendar sacks.
 Sarah's new old one already hanging on her mantel.

And there is Schatzi, the elf, in all her glory.

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  1. What wonderful and precious heirlooms those stockings are!