Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini vacation - Florida - Day 3

Tuesday February 7th

We are on our way driving to Key West. Sarah and Wade had given us a coupon for a B+B after their wedding as a thank-you and we thought it was high-time to use it.

A stop to stretch the legs. This bridge is part of the old dilapidated railroad from Miami to Key West which once was hailed the 8th wonder of the world.
On the right is the highway bridge. When you drive on the highway you can see bits of the railroad once in a while. A shame it is not functional any longer. Would have been nice to take a train from Miami Airport to Key West where you don't need a car.
When we arrived in Key West it was too early for our B+B so we decided to have lunch first. Thai Curry Mussels.

James is happy with his lunch. But I disturbed him with the photo taking.
Checking into our room at The Conch House Heritage Inn. It was constructed in 1889 and listed on the National Register for historic places.
More info at if you are interested.

It is definitely old. It has a lot of charm and the people are very nice.

After we had settled we head out to explore. James had done a little research beforehand and knew we should go west on Duval Street for the sunset celebration.

Oh, yes, lots of stalls with things to sell ... handmade locally or made in China. Lots of street entertainers. Lots of people.

The sunset itself was a bit disappointing but such is nature. Not today. May be tomorrow. We were told that it was gorgeous the evening before.

We walked around. Lots to see. And finally decided on dinner. Mexican/Spanish food = Cuba is close. Only 90 miles!
 Seafood for me. Of course. Spicy!
Full moon. Very nice. But of course my picture is not so good. Just imagine ...
James has to check the water temperature. Not bad!

By the way: this is the Southern most place in the USA.

On the way back to the hotel we try to find tonic water to buy. One sales person is bored and very chatty. He says to come in so he can give us the 'best kept secret in town'. Well, it really seems to be a very good tip. We may try it tomorrow.

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  1. We loved Key West, but only got an afternoon break when we were on a cruise. We've always wanted to go back!