Friday, February 10, 2012

Mini vacation - Florida - Day 5

Thursday February 9th

We can't go to a gym on this vacation but we certainly get our exercise. Today again we walked all over town.

This is Fort Zachary Taylor. Construction started 1845 for defense of the coastline of the United States. Due primarily to the lack of materials, it took a long time and finally was ready by 1860 to hold troops and cannon.

For more info click here.
Tidal flush latrines. There were two ten-seat latrines in the fort. They were designed so that the out-going tide would "flush" them. However, the tidal flow was insufficient which resulted in mosquito breeding and yellow fever.

Is Pelli ready to defend the United States?
No, just doing tourist things. Look, another cruise ship is in the harbor today again.
People were getting ready to put up stands and stalls for the Civil War Heritage festival starting tomorrow. 
Behind the Fort a beautiful beach. I love the stand of pine trees. Plenty of picnic benches and even BBQ pits.
Lovely breeze and shade.

James has a dip in the ocean. I thought it would be too cold and didn't bring my swimsuit which I now regretted.

But I was not bored because there were plenty of birds around. This red headed woodpecker entertained me nicely.
Ah, yes, should have borrowed Sarah's camera.
Another second and my feet got wet.

We walked and walked and it was lovely to look at things.

We came to several dead-ends which made us retract and walk even more. We saw a US Coast Guard ship which looked like you could visit it ... but they charged for it ... too much. Since we already paid for it with taxes, that didn't seem fair.

Next we passed the Eco Discovery Center and decided to enter. It was quite small but very nice. I liked the ocean water aquariums where they nurture damaged corals the best.

We passed a bakery. I was craving a coffee. Didn't have one for several days (tea in the mornings). And guess what ... they had key lime pie. My third piece this week. And last one. I promise. It was good. We took all back to our B+B and enjoyed it on the back porch. Lovely.

James asked again our B+B people for a recommendation for dinner. The previous evening had been such a surprise. It looked like such a hole in the wall that we would have never chosen it. And it had been so great.

Well, recommendation for this night was "Azur" and it was great again. We had a brisk 15 minutes walk into the neighborhood we would have never found ourselves.

James had the day's special: Hogfish with roasted red beets etc. I could see from my seat that the special was already crossed out but James got the very last portion. Since we never heard of hogfish we googled on it and here he is: 

I got the mixed seafood risotto. I ate it ALL up except some of the rice. So good.

And then a brisk walk back to the B+B past the cemetery this time. A little eery. The night air was lovely.

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  1. sounds like you're having a fantastic time!
    ahhhh, sun and warm weather....i'm wishing for that right now!!